About Hit movie

Hit movie

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Horror/comedy movie Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022, 1 hour 35 minutes

A party game that goes horribly wrong when a bunch of 20-somethings are stranded at a secluded estate during a hurricane results in a dead body on the ground and phoney pals everywhere they look as they search for the killer among them.

Released on: August 5,

Hit movie  2022. (USA)

Halina Reijn is the director.

1.19 crores at the box office

Sarah DeLappe, Chloe Okuno, Kristen Roupenian, Joshua Sharp, and Aaron Jackson wrote the script.

Where do I find bodies bodies bodies streaming?

Now Streaming.

Hotstar + Apple TV + Disney.

Amazon Video.


What was the income of Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Hit movie

Hit movie

In 2022, the $37,775 per-venue average for a limited release was second only to Everything Everywhere All at Once ($50,130 in March).

In its second weekend, the movie grew to 1,283 theatres and was expected to make $2 to $3 million. It earned $3.1 million and came in ninth place.


“It seemed very Girls 2.0, more honest than Dunham, less pretentious, and a heck of a lot more blood,” one viewer said after viewing Bodies Bodies Bodies. I went into the theatre expecting a sexy slasher,

Hit movie

but towards the middle I had to change my mind and redefine my expectations. The woke-therapy language was the slashers’ weapon in DeLappe’s screenplay,

and I felt the discussion amongst the main group of Girls to be the source of tension and drama one expects within the horror genre. This terminology has been weaponized,

and I’ve seen it in news reports, social media posts, and political discussions. We all experienced similar tragedy while we shared a Chicago home, and looking back, I can see how similar our lives were to those in Bodies Bodies.



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