American business women Priscilla Presley’s most iconic looks

Priscilla Presley


Priscilla Presley has many more iconic looks from years ago on May 1, 1967, Priscilla Presley married Elvis Presley in las vegas she has been lauded as a style icon throughout her decades in the public eye Presley said in vogue that

she and Elvis loved to get dressed up for each other Priscilla Presley were photographed at the Memphis International Airport in 1963 wearing a dress and matching cape with leather gloves.

 Priscilla Presley
Priscilla Presley

Presley told Vogue for their life in looks series in June 2022 she said she loves to dress like that and she loves to wear caps Presley also told Vogue that the dog she was carrying was a poodle named Honey that Elvis had gifted to her at Christmas in 1962.

Priscilla Presley wore a trapeze-style dress with sheer sleeves and a large flowing veil for her wedding on May 1 ,1967, Shopping for the wedding dress involved going into bridal boutiques dressed in sunglasses and accompanied by musician and friend Charlie Hodge

who she pretended was her fiancé and it was something that I liked because it was very feminine very light weight not too heavy and it matched with Elvis suit Priscilla Presley was photographed wearing a bright fuchsia dress she bought at Neiman Marcus After the birth of their daughter Lisa Marie After their divorce was finalized in 1973,

Priscilla Presley was photographed leaving a Santa Monica courtroom with her ex-husband wearing a patchwork style In the ’70s, Priscilla Presley opened a clothing store called Bis & Beau in Beverly Hills Presley was photographed by the swimming pool at her Beverly Hills home

American business women Priscilla Presley's most iconic looks
American business women Priscilla Presley’s most iconic looks

Priscilla Presley

on April 9, 1975, wearing a denim bikini with floral appliques. in 1978 out in Los Angeles with Elie Ezerse, Priscilla Presley was spotted wearing a white tuxedo and a matching golf hat. The pair reportedly dated for about a year, but Presley never remarried after she divorced

Elvis in 1973 and he passed away on August 16, 1977, Presley wore a red dress adorned with gold sequins to a charity ball in October 1984, and Presley began dating Marco Garibaldi, a former screenwriter, and director. Presley and Garibaldi were together from 1984 until 2006. Priscilla Presley owned classic ’90s style in a black leather jacket, sunglasses, and black hat.

on May 13, 1990, her son and she walked through Los Angeles international airport The floor-length gown featured boning on the bodice and gold sequin cuffs on the sleeves,

and a thick headband 75th annual Cannes film festival in May 2022, Presley wore a gold and black printed shirt and sleek black trousers.

Prada dress with sequin embellishments to the Cannes premiere of Elvis, Presley ware a burgundy color dress she told vogue as her dress matched with her hair color .he wears different types of dresses as she loves to take photos like stylish iconic looks



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