Attorney: Trump is considering a motion to appoint a “special master” to examine the evidence from the Mar-a-Lago search.

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In order to have the evidence the FBI gathered during its search of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago property last week reviewed, the former president is considering submitting a motion for a “special master.”Trump’s lead attorney in the case, James Trusty, informed conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin on his program on Friday that the former president’s legal team will “very soon” submit a motion in connection with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which shields individuals from arbitrary searches and seizures.

A potential lawsuit was also confirmed to CBS News on Friday by two people with knowledge of the discussions. According to the sources, Trump’s legal team is thinking about submitting a motion to the federal district court in Florida.

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On Friday, Trump made a similar offer in a post on his Truth Social platform. Right before a significant midterm election, Trump tweeted, “Important Fourth Amendment Petition regarding trespassing into my home, Mar-a-Lago, is coming soon.”

According to a person close to Trump, the former president, and his attorneys are eager for federal prosecutors to give them a more comprehensive list of the evidence they have gathered and to guarantee that a “neutral” person will review the documents.

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Levine was informed by Trusty that the documentation would show that the FBI’s seizure had violated the law’s “narrowness” requirement because it was “excessive.”Trusty predicted that Trump’s legal team would argue that a special foreman is required to review the forfeiture in order to prevent the seizure of any documents protected by executive secrecy or attorney-client secrecy.

Levin was informed by Trusty that “we have privilege issues that are extremely important here.” If the special master agrees, “we believe that one of the benefits of a special master is that we can stop the Department of Justice from reviewing these documents.

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According to reliable sources, the Federal Criminal Procedure Rules, which regulate searches, permit Trump’s legal team to request assistance. At least two rules specifically rule 41(f) and 41, may be mentioned (g). The Trustee mentioned Rule 41 specifically in the interview (f).

This regulation governs the carrying out of a search warrant. The officer executing the warrant is required to “prepare and verify an inventory of any confiscated property” and to give the owner of the property “a copy of the warrant and a property receipt.”



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