Avatar 2 recording has begun (not underwater).

Avatar 2
Avatar 2

It was easy to imagine that the Avatar sequels would never come to fruition after spending so long in development hell.

Avatar: The Way of Water is on the verge of release, despite the fact that many other films have failed to make it past the development stage.

The score is presently being recorded, which is a huge step toward its release in December.As it turns out, the musicians don’t have to work underwater at all!On Jon Landau’s Instagram,


Avatar 2
Avatar 2

we’ve been able to keep up with the development of Avatar 2’s production, and now we can see that the film’s score has been recorded.Adding the score is one of the final steps before a film is considered finished,

and this one is just about there.Recordings of Avatar’s Soundtrack are now taking place.

It’s incredible that we’ve made it this far, given how late in the process the score is often created.In light of the amount of time James Cameron spent writing these films and how many release dates were pushed back, it was easy to conclude they would never be released.

Avatar 2

Nevertheless, this shot, like all of the others we’ve seen from behind the scenes of production, shows us just how real it all is.It has been composed by Simon Franglen for the soundtrack of Avatar:

The Way of Water.Avatar’s original composer James Horner is being replaced with a younger man who has worked on several of James Cameron’s other projects.Horner, regrettably, died in 2015.Franglen, on the other hand, is no stranger to Pandora.

He collaborated with Horner on the original film and also wrote the music for Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Avatar 2
Avatar 2

The Vast Underwater Production of Avatar 2No actual water will be needed, which is great news for everyone involved in scoring Avatar:

The Way of Water’s soundtrack.The fact that so much of Avatar 2 was shot underwater makes it a one-of-a-kind production.To complete takes, actors have to become adept at holding their breath for extended periods of time.This was not a problem for the filmmakers of the Aquaman movies to cope with at all.

Jams Cameron’s hard-hitting style will never be questioned.For the most part, his films have pushed the envelope of what is possible in filmmaking.Avatar’s sequels are now an issue of whether or not they will be even better than the first two.



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