Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.


President Joe Biden declared on Monday that he was “feeling terrific” as his symptoms from Covid-19 started to lessen, suggesting that the illness, which is still plaguing millions of Americans, was only going to be a little inconvenience.

He responded to queries from reporters digitally after taking part in an event via video conference from the White House residence: “I had two full nights of sleep all the way through.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

He continued, giving a look into his Covid solitude, “Matter of fact, my dog had to wake me up this morning.” “My wife isn’t home; she generally takes him out in the morning while I work out upstairs. I felt my dog’s nose brush up against my chest for approximately five to seven minutes.”

He continued, “I’m feeling well, but my voice is still raspy.

After five days with the sickness, Biden’s doctor indicated earlier on Monday that his symptoms had “nearly totally disappeared.”

In a letter outlining his condition, Dr. Kevin O’Connor stated that the patient only “reports some lingering nasal congestion and slight hoarseness” when questioned at this time.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

That was an improvement over the weekend, when O’Connor claimed Biden had a loose cough, a sore throat, and bodily aches. When seen taking part in a virtual meeting on Friday, Biden repeatedly cleared his throat and had a distinct roughness to his voice.

Even though Biden assured reporters that it was “par for the course,” the rasp still persisted on Monday.

Every night, the President added, he has been putting himself through a battery of tests that measure “everything, from the temperature to the oxygen in my blood to my pulse.”

He said, “So far, everything’s good, everything’s on the button.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

Biden’s oxygen saturation was “good” on room air, according to O’Connor, and his pulse, respiratory rate, and temperature were all normal, as they had remained throughout the course of his sickness, per his doctor. O’Connor claimed that he doesn’t experience breathlessness.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

Last Thursday, Biden’s Covid test result was positive, and he has been battling the illness from the White House. He postponed his trip to Florida this week, but he will still take part in online events on Monday.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

The President made sure to mention in his press conference that he has been “maintaining a full programme” while seclusion, including “four significant activities today.”

I’m not working the same hours, but, you know, I’m doing all of my obligations, and we’re also making decisions on a variety of other issues, he said.

Biden has been holding video conferences and doing phone calls with advisors from his home. The workforce within the building has been reduced to limit exposure, but his wife, who tested negative for Covid once more on Monday, has been away at their house in Delaware.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

O’Connor stated in his letter that Biden, 79, is “particularly diligent” about safeguarding residential staff, White House representatives, and Secret Service agents from the virus, which has been identified as the highly transmissible BA.5 type. The virus’s primary strain in the country right now is BA.5.

Later on Monday, Dr. Ashish Jha, the Covid response coordinator and another doctor, provided reporters with an update on Biden’s health. Although Jha hasn’t given the President any direct care, he has talked to him during his sickness.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

According to Jha, none of the people considered to be in direct contact with Biden have tested positive for Covid-19.

“There were 17 individuals who were recognised as potential close contacts; naturally, they have all been informed. They are all acting in accordance with CDC recommendations, and as of earlier today, none of the 17 individuals had tested positive, according to Jha.

The White House has not released any additional information regarding Biden’s illness beyond O’Connor’s daily memos, and O’Connor has yet to explicitly address the President’s condition with reporters.

Biden is “feeling great” as COVID symptoms lessen.

The White House has made a point of highlighting how minor Biden’s symptoms have been due to his booster shots and vaccinations, as well as the fact that he started taking Paxlovid as soon as he received a positive test result. Biden had finished his fourth full day on Paxlovid on Sunday, according to O’Connor’s letter.

Prior to flying to Indiana for an event centred on abortion access on Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris, who was previously thought to be a close friend of Biden’s, tested negative for Covid.



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