Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (1)

The team announced Thursday that “Brooklyn Nets” star Kerry Irving has been suspended from work without pay for at least five games after promoting a “very disturbing anti-Semitic hate” film.

“Given the opportunity during today’s press session, we are disappointed that Kyrie does not explicitly state that she has no anti-Semitic beliefs or that she does not recognize some hateful materials in the film,” Nets said in a statement. “It wasn’t the first time he had a chance, but it wasn’t clear.”

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (6)

The decision comes a week after Irving tweeted a link to the 2018 film “Hebrews and Negroes: Awakening Black America” ​​on Amazon Prime Video.

The synopsis states that the film, based on the 2015 book of the same name, “reveals the true identity of the children of Israel.”

Several Jewish rights groups, including the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League, condemned the film as anti-Semitic.

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (4)

Neitz said he has worked with Irving in recent days “to help him understand the hurt and danger of his words and actions, which began with the release of a movie containing a deeply disturbing anti-Semitic hate.”

 Irving, who has since deleted his original tweet, told reporters Thursday that he will take responsibility for publicizing the film.

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (7)

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” Irving said. “It was not me who made the documentary”When asked if he held anti-Semitic beliefs, Irving answered. – ask a question. ” 

 He continued, “I told you my feelings. I respect and accept all aspects of life. I’m sitting there”When asked to answer yes or no to this question, he said, “I would not be anti-Semitic if I knew where I came from. 

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (1)

In announcing his suspension, the Nets said that “Irving’s failure to speak out against anti-Semitism when it was clear that he was given the opportunity to do so was deeply troubling, contrary to the values ​​of our organization, and an act that was harmful to the public.” the same.”

“Therefore, we feel that it is now inappropriate for him to be associated with the Brooklyn Nets,” the statement continued.

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (1)

“We have determined that Kyrie will serve the suspension without pay until he satisfies a goal-setting process that addresses the adverse effects of his conduct and a suspension period of fewer than five games.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League, also pushed back on Irving’s latest statement.

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (3)

“The answer to the question ‘Do you hold anti-Semitic beliefs’ is always an unequivocal ‘NO’,” Greenblatt said on Twitter.

“We took @KyrieIrving at his word when he said he was taking responsibility, but today he broke his promise. Kyrie has a lot of work to do.”

After the suspension, Greenblatt tweeted, “Good for @BrooklynNets. @KyrieIrving had plenty of opportunities to do the right thing, apologize & condemn #Antisemitism. He failed at almost every step. This suspension is well deserved.” 

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (2)

“We were optimistic but after seeing the reaction in the press conference, it’s clear that Kyrie doesn’t feel responsible for his actions. @ADL cannot in good conscience accept his offer,” he added.

Earlier Thursday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement that he was disappointed that Irving “didn’t give me an unqualified apology and specifically address the disgusting and hurtful things in the film that he chose to do.” let it be known”. 

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (8)

Irving insisted that he meant no harm to anyone. On Wednesday, he and the Nets announced that they would each donate $500,000 to the Anti-Defamation League.

“I stand against all forms of hate and oppression and stand firm in the communities that are marginalized and affected every day,” Irving said in a statement announcing his donation.

“I am aware of the negative impact of my position on the Jewish people, and I take responsibility for it.

Brooklyn Nets Suspend Kyrie Irving (10)

I do not believe that everything said in the article is true or reflects my morals and values. I am a person who learns from all aspects of life and I intend to do so with an open mind and a willingness to listen.

Therefore, my family and I would not harm any group, race, or religion of people, and we want to be the light of truth and light.”



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