Camille vasquez feels lucky to join depp’s team amber heard


Johnny depp’s lawyer camille vasquez talking to cbs morning she said that she felt very

lucky to be in legal team . she felt girl must be present in this case Vasquez was part of

Camille vasquez
Camille vasquez

Depp’s trial against Amber Heard, who implied she was a victim of domestic abuse.the

attorney camille vasquez said that they need female perspective in their team in the trail

amber heard in cbs mornings interview teaser clip after working 5 years in depp it was very

important to personal actor .in group it must be important to have one women vasquez

amber heard
amber hear

camille said in teaser clip to host gayle king I am lu kiest person to do this job she said

vasquez by talking she said that by her hard work and by luck she got this job she cant take

it easy .vasquez at this year starting alongside lead attorney Benjamin Chew in Depp’s

highly publicised defamation case against Heard at a Fairfax County court in Virginia earlier

this year on dec 2018 in washington post of ad she files case has a sexual and domestic

Camille vasquez

violence she didn’t notice depp name in this after listening it they fight against by the end of

trail closing statement vasquez told to court it must be common to so many woman but

overwhelming evidence, and weight of that evidence, shows it’s not her story, it’s not Ms.

Heard’s story. Juror depp and heard both are involved in defaming each other but depp gives

Camille vasquez
Camille vasquez

more damages Vasquez became somewhat of an internet celebrity during the trial, and was

later promoted to partner at her law firm, Brown Rudnick. She has since taken on another

legal case for Deep.she told being in relationship with depp calling rumours that were sexiest

full cbs morning revealed on thursday



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