Clash Of Clans Strategy | Best Tips And Trick 2022 |


Clash Of Clans Strategy | Best Tips And Trick 2022 |

This post of ours today is very useful for all those who love to play Clash of Clans Game and if you are also one of them, then this post of ours must be read carefully from beginning to end. 

We are saying this because we are going to tell about Clash of Clans Strategy 2022 through this post, so that if you play this game, then through this post of ours, you will get more help in playing the game. 

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Here we want to tell you that Clash Of Clans is not a game for little kids, it is a very good game and everyone says it because you need to put your mind in it and make a strategy for this game by putting your mind. 

It is not like other games that you can just play it, in this you need to take care of a lot of things, only then you will be able to play in this game properly but those who have started playing it, they have to know about Clash Of Clans Strategy I don’t have any information.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have brought this post so that you can get complete information about Clash of Clans Strategy and there will be no problem in playing the game again.

That’s why we want you to read this post very carefully from beginning to end so that every information can be understood in an easy way, here we will explain it to you in very easy language so that there is no problem and we said that This post has been written by doing research on the internet. 

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Clash OF Clans Strategy 2022

Here first of all we want to give you some information about Clash OF Clans Game, after that we are going to start giving below information related to strategy, here let us tell that this game is made by SuperCell company. 

Where SuperCell company launched this game on 2nd August 2012, here we would like to mention that initially this game was not that much popular and very few people liked to play it. The same SuperCell company belongs to the country of Finland.

But within the last 4 to 5 years, it has become a very popular game all over the world, in today’s time the number of people playing this game is very high and it is increasing every month.

Clash of Clans is no longer just a small children’s game, but everyone plays this game and every year tournaments are organized by the company of this game all over the world and the one who has won gets a huge amount as a reward. 

Apart from this, you will get to see a lot of Clash of Clans content on YouTube and other video stream websites, while everyone plays this game the most because it requires a strategy.

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Best Clash of Clans Strategy 

Create a good village layout : Having a decent town design is really significant, particularly assuming you’re playing to win “prizes,” which come from effectively assaulting a town or safeguarding your own and are utilized to rank players.

Decisions must be made at the lower levels of the game as there are not many dividers to guard structures however as the game advances and your town expands, there are a lot of choices.

Upgrade collectors and mines : Past striking different towns, probably the most effective way to hoard assets is to gather them. Gold mines, remedy siphons, and dim mixture drills are altogether accessible and can, contingent upon their level, produce a decent measure of assets.

At lower levels, siphons just produce modest quantities of assets each hour – around 250 – while a completely updated siphon can deliver up to 3,500 of every asset. During safeguarded periods – which last as long as 15 hours – this can bring about a great deal of (free) assets.

Don’t break your shield : The “Safeguard” shields your town from outside assault for a set timeframe. Assaulting one more town while your safeguard is as yet dynamic breaks it, and this is the kind of thing you need to stay away from.

Possibly assaulting when your safeguard goes down – the game gives you a notice when there is 30 minutes left – boosts the time your authorities and mines can deliver assets (for nothing) and lessens the gamble of losing prizes.

Join a clan : A “tribe” is a gathering of up to 50 players who can share troops, do battle, and visit inside the game. You can make families yourself, redo the settings (who you need to join, how frequently you war, etc), and begin spending time with different players.

Being in a group enjoys different benefits: You can do battle which, assuming you win, rewards you with significant plunder; your faction mates can fill your Clan Castle with troops who will assault anybody assaulting your base; and it gives the game a greater feeling of local area.

Upgrade defenses : Without great protections, it’s difficult to win “Conflict of Clans.” Right from the beginning, players are urged to redesign safeguards to the most extreme level prior to continuing on – the tradeoff being the time and cost.

Try not to let this put you off, be that as it may. Putting time and gold into getting the most significant level bowman pinnacle, gun, or X-Bow, is priceless and will help avert assailants at more elevated levels.


We have given here every information about Clash of Clans Strategy 2022, if you play this game, then this post of ours can be very useful, so definitely read our post carefully.

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