Dennis Allen provides updates on Jarvis Landry

Dennis Allen provides updates Saintsinjuries (3)

Jameis Winston’s ailments for the Orleans Saints.After Week 3’s defeat to the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen provided injury updates for a number of players, including four of their top five wide receivers, a starting guard, and of course quarterback Jameis Winston.

It’s not the worst outcome that might happen—a few of these wounds seem minor and ought to be healed soon—but it’s close. And considering their problems on that side of the ball, the Saints simply cannot afford a profusion of offensive ailments.

Dennis Allen provides updates on Jarvis Landry

 WR Michael 

Thomas Allen stated that Thomas had a toe injury (when he was first sidelined it was announced as a foot issue). He frequented the medical tent and was seen trying his legs on the sidelines, but he was never able to return to the game, so either the team determined it wasn’t worth the danger of further injury by keeping him on the field. On the injury report for the next week, this situation needs to be properly monitored.

Jarvis Landry, WR

Dennis Allen provides updates on Jarvis Landry

Landry’s condition was lowered twice before the final whistle, first to “questionable” and then to “doubtful to return,” according to the Saints, who had earlier stated that he had sustained an ankle injury during the game and would be probable to return. That implies that either the medical professionals became more pessimistic the longer they examined him or the Saints decided to bench him as the situation on the field deteriorated. Thomas and Allen will be assessed throughout the coming week, according to Allen.

Tre’Quan Smith, WR

Dennis Allen provides updates on Jarvis Landry

According to Allen, the team initially worried that Smith would re-injure his shoulder, which has kept him out for the first two weeks of the season. However, they soon realised that he had sustained a concussion, and they ruled him out right away. His brain injury may have been severe, and it may take him some time to heal. Keep in mind that Taysom Hill missed a whole month of the previous season due to the concussion protocol. A player who recently returned to the field and was hurt while making a crucial play late in the game is experiencing a truly unpleasant break.

Deonte Harty, WR

Harty was supposed to play in this game, but the Saints didn’t get him because of a foot issue that must have gotten worse before the game. He had been unable to fully participate in practise this week on Wednesday and Thursday, and although he recovered to work all day on Friday, it might have prevented him from playing. He was replaced on the returns team by Dwayne Washington and Marquez Callaway, but his situation has to be watched going forward.

Jameis Winston, passer

Dennis Allen provides updates on Jarvis Landry

Winston stated after the game that continuing to play will not affect his four already shattered vertebrae; he has been assured that they will mend whether he plays football or watches from the sidelines, though he did not provide an estimated time frame for recovery. It was made clear that the sprain in his ankle that is currently bothering him is an exacerbation of the one that kept him out of training camp. Even though it’s difficult to watch, the Saints must believe he’s still a better alternative than Andy Dalton.

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