Duke Basketball: Jon Scheyer’s Recent NIL Comments Should Terrify Other Programs



If a team in sports undergoes a major overhaul there are two options. Let’s consider the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team as an example. Mike Krzyzewski has, of course, handed control of the team onto Jon Scheyer. The head coach who is a rookie could be sluggish under stress, or he might aid in steering NCAA blue bloods into an era of change.

Although we’ll need to wait and watch how things unfold at the court, Scheyer’s remarks regarding NCAA name image, name, and likeness (NIL) rules could signal a move towards the future of sports. The degree to which this is encouraging or frightening is contingent on your personal preference.

Jon Scheyer
Jon Scheyer

Fans often think of college coaches who put in practice and games. Running a high-profile basketball program does require a lot of paperwork and administration. Recently, the NCAA’s ambiguous NIL policy has made the process difficult.

Jon Scheyer, however, isn’t concerned with the changing landscape of collegiate football. He is, in fact, aware that there’s no reason to stick his head in sand and hope for something new.

“Look, I came through Duke about 15 years ago, which is pretty recent, and it’s night and day from what it’s like for our guys now with opportunities they have versus what I had,” the new head coach explained to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago. “It is really easy to say “I wish it were that way or ‘Can we go back to the days when it was simpler or simpler?’ or whatever the case may be.

All in all when it’s done correctly it’s better. You have to think about it and be sure that we’re knowing, investing in the proper things. But our students as well as our athletes have the chance to create their mark, and to earn profits from their names, images and likeness. They should have the right to make the freedom to choose what they’d like to end up.”

Duke Basketball

Jon Scheyer

Scheyer doesn’t just grasp this reality, but. He views it as an opportunity to be noticed.

“And so, for us, we look at it as an opportunity,” said the coach. “And We’re certainly not trying discuss the opinions of other coaches or how they’re acting however I can tell that’s how we approach the situation. We’re extremely thrilled about the next chapter, and the next style of basketball in college.”

NIL money could help Duke an even greater impact on the recruiting scene

To be fair to Scheyer, his quotations leave a few questions unanswered. Which are “right things” that should be valued, for instance? Do you think Duke take any specific steps to take advantage of these “opportunities” of modern college basketball?

Although we’ll need to wait and watch on the details the way Scheyer’s behavior is able to speak for his actions. Although Coach K has spoken out in favor against NIL at the beginning of the year 2019 (h/t CBS Sports) He usually took things in a broad overall perspective. The replacement is (somewhat unclearly) discussing what this could mean for Duke.

While it’s true that it’s an element of assumption however, the term “opportunity” suggests that the Blue Devils know the game and are prepared to play. It’s simple to envision the pitch for recruiting: “If you want to prove your NBA potential and start making money ASAP, why wouldn’t you want to come to Duke?

Scheyer doesn't just grasp this reality, but. He views it as an opportunity to be noticed.
Scheyer doesn’t just grasp this reality, but. He views it as an opportunity to be noticed.

To make the situation even more frightening for the other members of the ACC think about two other facts. One, Duke is currently in a flurry of recruiting. They have secured the highest-ranked 2022 class and have two top-ten commitments coming from the 2023 class. This has happened during the early days of Scheyer’s tenure; if his plan in both court and off court succeeds, his popularity will only rise.

In the second place, Scheyer added Jai Lucas to his team. The assistant coach has established himself as a top recruiting tool at Kentucky and will be helping to attract new players into Durham. He’s also a young coach with a growing image If things go as planned and he’s successful, it’ll increase the appeal of Duke increasingly attractive.

It’s a bit of a stretch to rely on a few speculations and theories. Maybe I’m misinterpreting Scheyer’s statement. Perhaps he’ll fall to the ground in 2022, thus hurting Duke’s standing in the recruiting game. If everything goes according to plan however, it’s not difficult to imagine things soaring.

Scheyer doesn't just grasp this reality, but. He views it as an opportunity to be noticed.
Scheyer doesn’t just grasp this reality, but. He views it as an opportunity to be noticed.

It’s clear that the Blue Devils are bringing in an impressive group of recruits in the fall, and let’s suppose that Scheyer rode the wave to a great season. This boosts the young coach’s standing and also gives Lucas an improved pitch. it also increases Duke’s commercial presence, so that the next generation of players will be able to command higher NIL cash from the brands. The theory is that this helps the team attract the next generation of gifted players who excel on the field and carry on the cycle.

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