Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughters’ time apart

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughters' time away from their families

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been serious couple goals for almost three decades.

They also starred together in 1883, a prequel to Yellowstone, in addition to their respective music careers.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughters’ time apart

Despite their years of intertwining, Gracie, Maggie, Audrey, and Tim know how to follow their own paths this summer.

Having finished his first season of 1883 in February, the father-of-three has been on tour throughout the summer so far. 

On Saturday, 15 October, he will perform at the Golden Sky Festival in Sacramento, California.

Faith has been taking a nice break from social media, posting only a promotional teaser nearly two months ago.

Despite her husband’s busy schedule and her relaxed state, it appears their three daughters are having a great time.

It’s no secret that Maggie, Audrey, and Gracie each have their own passions, but recently got together for an epic weekend for just the girls, and shared all of their shenanigans on social media.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughters’ time apart

It seems that the three of them are living it up in Washington DC, and are relishing the opportunity to spend time together.

With a caption that read, “sister time in DC,” Gracie shared a round-up of their time together, featuring plenty of pictures showing them walking hand in hand, hugging for pictures, and strolling through the city.

It was truly a rare glimpse of the three sisters together, with fans writing: “Dynamic duo? Nah. Triumphant trio,” as well as: “Beautiful pictures,” and: “Sweet.”


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