For Pal Ben Affleck’s Wedding Celebration Jay and Silent Bob Stars Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith Reunited

Ben Affleck

On Saturday in Georgia, Kevin Smith captioned a photo of himself with pal Jason Mewes and their spouses as they attended Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding celebration to pal Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Lopez’s big wedding celebration Some familiar faces abandoned their post outside the Quick Stop to attend,

on saturday Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes most commonly known as their characters Jay and Silent Bob were in attendance at the couple’s Georgia festivities. Smith, 52, captioned a photo of the group in their head-to-toe white ensembles he wrote with the photo on Twitter. “This is as formal as I’ve been dressed since maybe my First Communion when I was 7.”For those who say ‘He always wears the same outfit…’

Ben Affleck

@JenSchwalbach, @JordanMonsanto, @JayMewes & me, all cleaned up,”.In 1994 film Clerks Smith made his directorial debut with the critically-lauded . Alongside Mewes jay, he also played a supporting role as Silent.

last year on Twitter He even took credit for their couple’s name “Bennifer. Smith wrote at the time “it’s a name I gave the kids during jersey girl pre-production before the world found they were dating. after Smith and Affleck reconnected following a decade-long falling out The wedding celebration weekend comes. In New Orleans, he showed up .he recalled because he came down to where we were shooting to roll in his scene  I was overwhelmed. Smith added “I was tiny in his arms.

Ben Affleck

I felt so taken care of and stuff. It just transcended,”.At this weekend in attendance, festivities were Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon, who starred with him in Smith’s Dogma, and his wife Luciana Barroso. An extraordinary weekend was planned by Jennifer and ben including a pre-wedding party. after the couple officially tied the knot last month in Las Vegas. Lopez is ecstatic, according to the source it will be a beautiful weekend her kids are also part of the celebrations. from 2002 to 2004 they were originally dated.

last year announced their engagement in April Affleck and Lopez rekindled their romance.At A Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas during intimate midnight nuptials last month the couple tied the knot .for a romantic gateway they jetted off to Paris.before continuing their jaunt around Europe. where they were photographed canoodling around the City of Love and celebrating Lopez’s birthday

Ben Affleck


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