Google Meet allegedly stealing Zoom’s method for rapidly unmuting participants.

Google Meet

Google is beginning to integrate the Meet and Duo applications in an excessively difficult procedure, and now it’s tossing a Zoom-like function into the mix.

Google Meet

The business revealed on the Google Workspace blog that Google Meet will soon allow you to unmute yourself by pressing and holding the spacebar and mute yourself again by releasing it.

Zoom can’t tolerate this feature (we can thank walkie-talkies for that), but it does make it available during video conferences,

which is useful when you want to pitch in during a meeting without being unmuted for too long.

Google Meet

Cisco Webex has a similar feature, and Microsoft Teams allows you to unmute by using Ctrl + Spacebar.

Google Meet

Google said it will commence delivering its own version of the bookmark to all Workspace users on September 9th, but it could take up to 15 days.

Google Meet

When it occurs, it will not be disabled by default, so you must enable it using Google Meet’s settings.



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