How Miona & Jibri Bell Afford Their Lavish Lifestyle :90 day fiance

90 day fiance

 On 90 Day fiance, Monia and Jibri Bell show off their big dreams which have left many watchers curious about what their work is apart from TLC. In 90 Day Fiance more and Jibril bell is the latest villainous couple to enter.

90 day fiance

And the many people were interested to see and curious about how they traveled by their different lifestyles in a fashion sense. to join her future husband in Rapid springs Fiona traveled from Serbia,

south Dakota, for saving money during pandemics where Jibril lived with his parents However they are divided from their parent and living on their own. In 90 Day Fiance season, 9 viewers say that he wants to be “creative during the tell all .

Jibri has revealed to be out with his space punk band Black sens So, Jibril told all of them that they started new band mates and released new music on August 15, bond isn’t breakable which confirms that they are still together said by Jibril 

90 day fiance

Monia will achieve the maximum level of fame and success that they are seeking, the pair appears to be fully energetic and will be powered in their respective career paths.

by fashion Fiona and Jibri are just fascinated which allows people to improve their lives . Since appearing on TLC they are getting many online followers and they are apparently looking to see their follower count rise .

Jibri and Miona have made her apparent success clear while many many 90 Day Fiancé fans are uncertain if Jibri getting profits from musical ambitions own beauty branch was launched by Fiona well,

90 day fiance

90 day fiance

as a set of makeup brushes including her signature mane-like ponytail extensions Miona of selling low-cost products at high prices she accused by some franchise fans she made $20K in her first week of launching the products declared by her. She deeply her own makeup palette in the future she also shared her desire.

level of fame and success that they are seeking by 90 Day Fiancé season 9 viewers remain skeptical that Jibri and Miona with the influencer lifestyle and are eager to gain great  online followers on 90 Day Fiancé season 9,

90 day fiance

to be the highest clout chasers already fleeting popularity among franchise fans tank labeled the duo fleeting popularity among franchise fans tank have seen their already Jibri’s offensive antics and Monica’s passive support


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