iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro


The 6.1-inch touchscreen on the iPhone 14 Pro 5G Dual SIM has a 460PPI pixel density. It includes a 48-megapixel professional camera with an extremely wide prime lens and a… more

iPhone 14 Pro

Body Materials: Stainless Steel and Glass

Generation 5 of broadband

Cellular GSM Network, Prepaid, and WLAN

Extremely good phone, but they don’t include a charger or an earpiece for that amount.

Reward time iPhone 14 pro

Stop buying iPhones; they are foolishly stimulating the market and driving up demand without including a charger or earphones in the purchase.

 Because the price of these iPhones is already expensive, they are refusing to include a charger and headphones. It’s absolutely terrible, and we need to outlaw it like Brazil did.

iPhone 14 Pro

Can the iPhone 14’s always-on display be turned off?

You can accomplish this from your iPhone’s settings by doing the following actions: On your iPhone,

iPhone 14 Pro

launch the Settings app. Activate Display & Brightness. To disable the function, scroll down to this section and tap the Always On toggle.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s size is how big.

The dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro are 5.81 inches (147.5mm) high, 2.81 inches (71.5mm) broad, and 0.31 inches thick (7.85mm).

Several significant Iphone 14 Pro facts

iPhone 14 Pro

The Best

These new iPhones stand out thanks to their unique design.

A clever revision of the notch is The Dynamic Island.

Rear camera has been greatly enhanced

In the wilderness, an emergency SOS could save your life. 

Always-on displays go one step further.

iPhone 14 Pro

The Drawback Touching the Dynamic Island could smear the front camera.

The absence of the physical SIM tray may annoy certain users.


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