Jana Kramer sobs at a year’s change.


Jana Kramer is reflecting on her divorce from Mike Caussin one year after their legally recognised separation.

Jana Kramer sobs at a year's change.
Jana Kramer

The One Tree Hill actress, who is married to the former NFL star and has two children, posted her reflections on the event to Instagram. She posted two photos of herself online: one of her hiking and the other of her crying. She stated in the caption that she had prayed that the emotional photo she had shot after getting the call would serve as a reminder of how far she had come. Today, she said, it served that purpose.

She began her piece by remembering that call and remarking on the difference a year can make.

In actuality, I covered my heart with bandages for a while and stayed that way. I can still remember getting the call informing me that our divorce was final and being finalised. “I didn’t start to feel better until I completed the necessary effort and looked within. I had to accept responsibility for my actions and look in the mirror to assess where I could have done better. I also had to let go. It takes some time, but if you’re dedicated, you’ll succeed, I can assure you.

Jana Kramer sobs at a year’s change.

Anyone going through a similar situation was reminded by the speaker to keep in mind that things will get “easier” and that “you will be proud of yourself for how you picked yourself up even when it was hard.”

She remarked, “I am really grateful for the difficulties I conquered since they have improved me not only for myself but also—and most importantly—our children.” “You will ultimately see the light and realise that you are more resilient than you ever anticipated. Healing takes time and is not a linear process. And if you become lost, seek for your God and kingdom because they will help you if you are unable to pick up the pieces.

Jana Kramer sobs at a year’s change.

Jana Kramer sobs at a year’s change.

Kramer routinely talks about her divorce on social media and asks her followers to support her as she moves forward. One commenter on the most recent post said, “Jana, you are inspiration, you are so strong, and you are a role model, since you inspire people to keep going when life is too terrible and heartbreaking.” I admire you for who you are.
Added another “Your perseverance is very inspiring and gorgeous! I’ve had a challenging year myself, and although I’m still healing and growing, I trust that everything will finally turn out for the best according to God’s will. And because to your inspiring story, I can learn from my past.

Kramer recently disclosed getting rid of her tattooed wedding anniversary. In order to symbolise that she had fully recovered, she had an ampersand tattooed on her wrist.
The Whine Down podcast host shared the symbol earlier this week on Instagram. According to what she wrote, “the sign for me is my emblem for the healing work I’ve done and continue to perform.” “Both joy and suffering or difficulties can be felt. There is room in it for both. Even though this is difficult, everything will turn out in the end. keeping space for both. I have space for everyone, and my story is far from over.

Jana Kramer sobs at a year’s change.

In April, she shared a separate momentous occasion on social media: the day she allegedly learned of Caussin’s alleged adultery and filed for divorce.

“This week signifies one year after finding out and being forced to file for divorce,” she wrote in the Instagram post. The idea that a year has passed honestly escapes me, but gosh, am I proud of myself for how far I’ve come and how tenacious I’ve been. Although it wasn’t easy, today I’m leaving the past and all the feelings that have held me back behind. Instead of tears of despair, this artwork depicts tears of joy that I’m alive and well. Even though I may occasionally have sad or challenging days, mending is beautiful nonetheless.


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