Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis inspired “BRZRKR”


This past weekend saw the introduction of a buzzy new teaser for “John Wick: Chapter 4,” but it wasn’t the only movie Keanu Reeves was promoting there. Instead, he was advertising “The Raid: Redemption,” which will be released later this year. The famous person also participated in a panel discussion for the comic book series “BRZRKR,” which he and Matt Kindt co-write.

The show, which debuted in 2021 and centres on an 80,000-year-old warrior with the ability to punch people in the chest, is going to be adapted into a live-action feature by Netflix, and production on the film has already begun.

Reeves, on the other hand, maintained a focus on the here and now as he discussed his enthusiasm for the creation of “BRZRKR,” which he described as giving him “some of the most creative days of my life,” and his fondness for comic books.

The Wachowskis, according to Keanu Reeves, helped inspire his new Netflix anime BRZ
Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis inspired “BRZRKR”

He went on to say that while he was that young boy, returning with bags of comic books was always a wonderful day for him (via The Hollywood Reporter).

According to the actor, one of the high points of his career was when the first edition was originally published. I’m a semi-adult now, and I have to say that this is hands-down the best Christmas I’ve ever had. “This is the sweetest fucking Christmas I’ve ever had,” I exclaimed.

Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis inspired “BRZRKR”

Reeves showed his affection for the comic by describing how he sought to counteract the aggressive tendencies of his protagonist with more profound human feelings.

Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis inspired “BRZRKR”

He added, “I had this guy in my head who wanted to punch people in the chest and rip off their limbs. I wanted that character to be myself.

In addition, the idea of a person who was born with a violent disposition making an effort to comprehend who they are, how they got to be the way they are, and in some ways regaining their humanity.

Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis inspired “BRZRKR”

Netflix is currently developing both a live-action movie version of “BRZRKR” as well as an anime version of the story, with Keanu Reeves set to play the lead character in the live-action version.

The transition for Reeves from comic books to anime was something that came easily to him. The Wachowski brothers are the ones he says are responsible for his lifelong love of the genre.

Keanu Reeves says the Wachowskis inspired “BRZRKR”

Reeves was honest about it, “I found myself watching anime on channel 79 without having the slightest idea what I was seeing. After I had worked on “The Matrix” with the Wachowski brothers, I was instructed to check out these movies, which I did.

The anime series “Ghost in the Shell” and “Akira” were the two that kicked off the whole thing. To be honest, I’m not really up to date on the most recent anime. When some of my other friends’ youngsters can just spit out anime, I think it sounds like a tremendous accomplishment.


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