Kelly Clarkson lost her cool with Gordon Ramsay.


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Kelly Clarkson lost her cool with Gordon Ramsay.
Kelly Clarkson

These days, Kelly Clarkson seems capable of anything. She is the distinguished host of The Kelly Clarkson Show. She can have hit after hit on her CDs. She can even guide aspiring singers to success because she was a former coach on The Voice. She has trouble, though, cooking live on television.

Kelly Clarkson The singer showcased her culinary skills by having Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen appear on her show. The renowned chef was there to show Kelly and Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the Stars how to make shrimp scampi in under five minutes. But what was supposed to be a straightforward supper abruptly turned into a culinary disaster.

“Not at all, no! Shrimp are in this pan! Just seconds into the cooking demonstration, the “Since U Been Gone” singer made her first mistake, and Gordon yelled at her. It was only natural that Kelly would become agitated. I’m not breathing, she exclaimed. Oh my God! I’m sweating!

Kelly Clarkson lost her cool with Gordon Ramsay.
Gordon Ramsay

Kelly Clarkson lost her cool with Gordon Ramsay.

Unfortunately for the females, this was just the beginning (but happily for us). The Kitchen Nightmares host began adding more ingredients to the mixture as Kelly was obviously having trouble with it. She eventually drank some wine straight from the bottle rather than using it as a pasta sauce because she was frustrated.

By the end of the five-minute session, everyone appeared to be absolutely worn out, and food had spilled all over the kitchen work stations. Even though she enjoyed her food, Kelly admitted that Gordon actually terrified her throughout the entire procedure, and it seems Gordon shared Kelly’s sentiments. You ladies are a nightmare, he chuckled.

Kelly Clarkson lost her cool with Gordon Ramsay.

Unsurprisingly, fans loved the hilarious interaction. Many commenters on YouTube were unable to contain their laughter.

Kelly is laughing uncontrollably while Gordon is yelling and swearing, which I find hilarious. He appeared to be having a good time based on his expression “a proponent wrote. “Kelly shrieking ‘WHAT IS A MICROPLANE‘,” one person chuckled. “This made me laugh! I laughed throughout the entire part! She deserved the pasta, duh “a separate person cried out.
We were in fits of laughing when Kelly lost her composure in front of one of the most recognised chefs in the world. But this isn’t the first time she’s made a show of her poor culinary abilities. The show’s makers just assembled her best culinary mistakes on TikTok, and it’s just too funny not to laugh.

Kelly Clarkson lost her cool with Gordon Ramsay.


The American Idol winner probably won’t succeed with her next attempt in the kitchen. We’ll have to wait and see, but in the event that the show’s creators are reading this, kindly extend Gordon another invitation as soon as you can.


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