Kenny Golladay’s frustration beginning to show at Giants camp

Giants camp

When tracking every move Kenny Golladay makes, it has led to this: Maybe, just maybe, the fact that he shown any emotion following a play he did not make is a sign of improvement.

Frustration is preferable to stagnation, right?

On the second snap of team drills at Tuesday’s non-padded practise, wide receiver Golladay of the Giants, who makes a lot of money but isn’t very productive, had a pass from Daniel Jones in his hands. In coverage, cornerback Adoree’

Kenny Golladay’s
Kenny Golladay’s

Kenny Golladay’s

ackson reached in and yanked the ball from Golladay’s grip. This would have been considered an incomplete pass. It might have been classified as a catch and a fumble. In any case, it wasn’t a good development for Golladay in a summer full of bad ones.

He grabbed the ball, crushed it with both hands as if to squeeze all the air out of it, and then threw it away into the opposing end zone.


Kenny I was furious,(10)
I was furious,

I was furious,” Golladay admitted. I reached down and grabbed it, but Adoree came over and made a play that caused a minor fumble. Therefore, I was upset because it would have been a significant accomplishment for us.


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