Kim Kardashian visits SKKN BY KIM’s suites, amphitheatre, and studio


Kim Kardashian visits SKKN BY KIM’s suites, amphitheatre, and studioKim Kardashian created the area in partnership with decorators Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez, and utilised Michèle Lamy from Rick Owens to construct the furniture

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian shows fans her SKKN BY KIM store.

Friday’s YouTube video, “Hello!

SKKN BY KIM office tour, “The Kardashians star, 41, shows off the skincare brand’s two glam rooms, two kitchens, two magazine walls, amphitheatre, and photo studio.

Kardashian thanks Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez for decorating.

She also thanks Rick Owens’ Michèle Lamy for the furniture.

"I love packaging," she says.
“I love packaging,” she says.



Kardashian says of Lamy, “She did all the furniture and helped me find everything I could need and adore.”

The mom of four then shows off an amphitheatre, one of her “favourite things in the office.”

“This came about because the room is so massive — I guess it’s 40,000 square feet — but I wanted a comfortable spot for when the kids come and watch movies, or if I had to show presentations or look at something on a larger scale,” she explains.

Kim Kardashian poses with Chicago and North in Kanye West’s new Yeezy sunglasses.Kardashian wanted her colleagues and family to be comfortable in the room.




Chocolate Rick Owens U-shaped bed/sofa is the room’s focus.

“I saw a Rick Owens bed like this and loved it, so I texted Michèle a picture and asked, ‘How can we make this for my office?'”

says KardashianFirst-floor kitchen is open and big.

The event, meeting, and hangout room features Vanessa Beecroft paintings.

Kardashian says, “Office fridges are full of drinks.”

The SKIMS founder displays her collection of inspirational literature in a waiting room.




“Everything I adore is here, from the Marilyn book my parents gave me after the Met Gala to home furnishings books,” she says.

(Kardashian wore Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress to the 2022 Met Gala.)Kardashian introduces the “model glam chamber”

“We have so many photoshoots here that I needed a location with room for all the models, SKIMS robes for tailoring, and a chill area,” she says.The glam room has a photo studio.

Kardashian says it’s a blessing to have a photo studio at her office so close to home.The celebrity then heads to her “peaceful” glam suite.

The reality personality points out a shower chair in the nearby bathroom.

She chuckles, “Not sure who thought of this.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian visits SKKN BY KIM's suites,
Kim Kardashian visits SKKN BY KIM’s suites,


“I have so much going on and work so much that I need the seat.”

Kardashian explains that her team often sits with her as she showers after a session to ask questions, display samples, and take notes.Kardashian shows off her “dream” showroom.

Explains she, “I wanted half SKKN and half SKIMS in my showroom.

Everything mixes visually.”Kardashian said her sold-out or unavailable things are in the showroom, but “we have 24-hour security, so don’t even think about it.”

She then leads fans into the waiting room, which is loaded with periodicals of her and her family.

"I love packaging," she says.
“I love packaging,” she says.

“Why not show folks who they’re dealing with?” she asks.

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Kardashian shows visitors the second-floor conference space with a wall of her magazine covers.She loves these walls.“My memories.Each cover is memorable.

Every cover is important to me; I can recall where, what, and who I was.

Awesome memories.”Kardashian shows fans her workspace, where she developed SKKN BY KIM’s packaging.

“I love packaging,” she says.

I love photography concepts and packaging design.

Kardashian says she first had her skincare products manufactured in genuine stone to use as a comparison.

"I love packaging," she says.
“I love packaging,” she says.

“Isn’t that the prettiest, coolest thing ever?” she asks.Kardashian shows off a collection of encouraging phrases her sister sent her for Christmas.She says, “That makes me happy.”

Kardashian displays a second kitchen, magazine wall, offices, product rooms, and more on the second story.By the end of the tour, Kardashian attempts to go back into her car, but fails to get it open. She can’t open her car door.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian



“Can somebody open my car?Before entering the vehicle, Kardashian asks the room.“If it was like the Scream movies I would have been dead by now,” she jokes.


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