Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.


If this is the case, then we can only hope that they have already started thinking about names.

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

The internet has recently been very critical of Kylie Jenner; however, her followers have recently decided to shift their attention away from a post she made about her private jet and instead concentrate on what might be significant news.

Many people have begun to speculate that the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is going to become a mother after she left a puzzling comment on a social media photo that was shared by her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Instagram was the host of the photograph in which the rapper could be seen supporting himself against a wall in New York City.

The comment made by his girlfriend was peculiar and mysterious, and it is presented here as follows:

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

What is the significance of Kylie Jenner posting four emojis that portray a pregnant woman? Jenner and Travis Scott have three children: a son they originally called Wolf but then changed his name to Reign, a daughter named Stormi who just recently made her debut on TikTok, and another daughter named True.

The fact that Jenner posted the emoji four times raises the question of why she did so in the first place. There are two children in this family. Is this a sign that she plans to have a couple more children in the future, or is she merely trying to hint to her fans that she is now expecting a child?

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

She tweeted a series of emoticons in rapid succession; did she intend for them to be a subtle hint, or were they meant to signal that she is expecting another child?

It’s possible that she’s trying to hint that she and the rapper are going to have four children together, or that she’s expecting twins. It’s not uncommon for people to post things to Instagram, but when a person of her status does it out of context, it takes on a far greater significance.

There is also the potential that Kylie Jenner simply complemented Travis Scott on his appearance in the picture. This is another possibility.

It’s possible that she meant for her comment to him to come out as anything along the lines of, “I want a baby with you since you look so nice,” or something else along those lines.

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

It is reasonable to believe that the young millionaire is trying to maintain his air of mystery on purpose. She is well aware that both she and Travis Scott have significant followings on various social media platforms.

It’s not like she made this remark without knowing that it would provoke debate, and it’s possible that she’s even having fun with all the speculation that’s going on right now.

Despite this, it is possible that this is only an inside joke between her and Scott, the full importance of which is known only to the two of them. If that is the case, then both of them are probably laughing nervously at the rumours that are beginning to spread.

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

The Kardashian-Jenner family is a master at capturing the attention of the public, whether this trait serves them well or not. I can’t help but wonder if the rumoured pregnancy tease is a purposeful tactic on her part to shift attention away from the private plane issue, to which she has previously responded.

In other words, I have to wonder if she is trying to avoid answering the question directly. This is notable since Khloé Kardashian has just revealed that she and Tristan Thompson will be welcoming another child into the world.

Kylie? Travis Scott’s response sparks rumours.

If Kylie is expecting a child, the world will ultimately find out, but until then, you shouldn’t be surprised if there is a lot of speculation surrounding the topic.

Kylie Jenner’s exploits can be followed by anyone who has a subscription to Hulu and access to The Kardashians, which can be viewed online.


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