Mount Rushmore Protection Act’ after ex-NBA player calls to retire phrase introduced by Rep. Dusty Johnson



when listing all-time greats over claims it is offensive. National Memorial in response to calls by former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose to retire the use of “Mount Rushmore” Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota introduced a bill Friday to protect Mount Rushmore.

according to a press release from Johnson’s office to alter, change, destroy or remove the likeness, the name of or any of the faces on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial the mount Rushmore Protection Act prohibits the use of federal funds.

Mount Rushmore Protection Act'

Johnson told Fox News Digital in a statement that championed the cause of freedom of the four presidents on mount Rushmore. but the calls to cancel Mount Rushmore will not move our nation forward our nation has an imperfect past.

Mount Rushmore Protection Act’

Espn Jalen rose says mount Rushmore’s term is offensive. And should be retired 

Mount Rushmore Protection Act'

Earlier this month bill responded to a video posted on social media by rose .using mount Rushmore the former NBA player called on the public to “retire when listing the all-time greats across sports, music, and entertainment.


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