observe.. the fruit sandwich

Tasty Japanese fruit sandwich (1)

In the japanese treat ,between slices of milky bread seasonal gems are enrobed in cream and nestled its a well-liked dish in japanese they’re full of seasonal juicy fruits and fresh creaminess and then you’ll truly enjoy the japanese fruit sandwich

observe.. the fruit sandwich

how to make japanese fruit sandwich step -1 prepare fresh fruits and put during a bowl these things are little or no to handle in market and buy cut the core of strawberries take two naval oranges stop both ends of the primary orange remove the quit the primary orange

and cut them into four portions step 2take three kiwis and take away the skin of it and cut the 2 ends of the kiwi and make them in an exceedingly shape and take two spoons of cheese during a large bowl pour 20 g of sugar into it .

observe.. the fruit sandwich

observe.. the fruit sandwich

250 lt light whipping cream add into it start whisking on low speed whisk at medium high speed until stiff peaks go past hand step 3 layout place the primary sliced bread spread the topping om.

Then put the cutted fruits in an exceedingly line on that. After that, again cover the bread sheet with light whipping cream .

Lay the slice of bread on top and tightly wrap with wrapping. Mark where the strawberries and other fruit are placed so you remember where to chop the sandwich. 

observe.. the fruit sandwich

Place the fruit sando within the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes up to overnight to line.Unwrap and discontinue the crust.

Remember where to slice in half to reveal the mosaic fruit design. Ingredients utilized in it

Strawberries – For strawberry sandos, use strawberries that are uniform in size and shape for the simplest presentation. Wash and dry them thoroughly then cut the stems off.

Bread – I like to recommend using fluffy milk bread or Japanese shokupan but any sliced bread will do.

observe.. the fruit sandwich

Other fruit options – Mangos, oranges, kiwis, blueberries, or peaches make great fruit alternatives. Jump to Recipe Jump to Video

This Japanese fruit sandwich, also called fruit sando or strawberry sando, could be a Japanese sandwich made with fresh strawberries and other fruit, sliced staff of life or milk bread (shokupan), and fresh whipped cream!

Japanese fruit sando made with strawberries and a topping sliced in half next to a plate of red strawberries.

This Japanese fruit sandwich is the best snack or dessert that’s perfect for satisfying sweet cravings.

It is also called Japanese strawberry sandwich or strawberry sando because it’s made with strawberries.

observe.. the fruit sandwich

better of all, all you wish is simply four ingredients – fruit, bread, cream, and sugar. Japanese fruit sando may be a great summertime fruit sandwich because it shows off the attractive, vibrant fruit that’s in season.

observe.. the fruit sandwich

It tastes the same as Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, but more convenient because it doesn’t involve any baking which is ideal for summer!

Japanese strawberry sando removes quarters on a white plate next to red strawberries.

observe.. the fruit sandwich


Japanese fruit sandwich or fruit sando could be a Japanese sandwich that’s made with fresh seasonal fruit like strawberries, kiwi, mango, and orange.

It’s full of fresh topping and sandwiched between two layers of soppy, fluffy milk bread, also referred to as shokupan in Japan.

The crust is sometimes discontinued and therefore the sandwich is cut in half to reveal the fruit and cream filling.

observe.. the fruit sandwich

They’re commonly sold in Japanese cafes and convenience stores and are known for his or her colorful mosaic design that’s revealed when cut in half.A popular fruit to use is strawberry, which is then called ‘Strawberry Sando’.

Other fruits used are oranges, kiwis, mango, blueberries, and peaches.In Japan, ‘sando’ is basically short for ‘sandwich’ so Japanese fruit sando and strawberry sandwich are conferred with fruit sandwich and strawberry sandwich respectively


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