Olivia Cornu explains what it’s like to enter Hard Reality after a honeymoon.

Olivia Cornu

In Wednesday’s episode recap, the MAFS alum examines the couples’ return from their vacation as they sink into the “extremely unforgiving truth of marriage: moving in with a spouse”Olivia Cornu showed up on Married at First Sight’s eleventh season, which occurred in New Orleans and broadcasted in 2020.

However she was hitched to Brett Lindsey at that point, and the pair have since separated. On July 6, season 15 of Married at First Sight debuted on Lifetime, following five San Diego-based couples as the truth of their recently married lives respectively sets in.

Here, Cornu provides PEOPLE with her recap of Wednesday night’s episode as she depicts the couple’s progress into their common living spaces in the wake of getting back from their wedding trips. Wedding an outsider isn’t for weak-willed so while I watch this episode, I can’t resist the urge to ask why anybody would pursue this extreme examination! Indeed, I know I’m a previous MAFS-er however it’s still so wild to see individuals remain determined to track down affection.

Olivia Cornu

How about we get into the current week’s Married At First Sight episode? The couples are returning from their vacations to the exceptionally cruel truth of marriage: moving in with a companion. This, obviously, included perceiving how the other half lives, presenting pets, and as though that is adequately not, getting together with Pastor Cal. Each couple promptly showed their character Stacia has her “no shoes” rule and Miguel isn’t good with a TV in the room these men better figure out how to put the latrine seat down or they might risk flushing these new relationships down the toilet! Stacia and Nate rushed to lay out living plans and how their new space will be split between the two.

Olivia Cornu

Nate realized rapidly that Stacia likes neatness and Stacia’s facial response to her new spouse being the inverse made me giggle. The reality of the situation will surface eventually the way in which rapidly their living propensities will be a disputed matter or an extraordinary correspondence developer.

Olivia Cornu

We then went to perceive how Nate lives, and Stacia appeared to be intrigued from the get-go and Nate seemed like he needed to dazzle her. With his programmed blinds and no dishes in the sink, it’s unmistakable he maintained that his better half should be pleased. The first stop in the wake of moving into their common lofts is perceiving the way in which the other half truly resides, and Stacia’s house is unfathomable and appears as though something straight out of HGTV.


For what reason do I get the feeling that Nate likes to calm jab tomfoolery and challenge his significant other? Whining about the pads, the silly tones, and doing the espresso math. As they kept on investigating the home, Stacia appeared to become worried about the residue, Nate’s complicated storage room, dead plants, and water spots.

what’s more, this rundown could go on. She became tired as he turned out to be increasingly more apprehensive about what it genuinely means to have a “perfect oddity” of a spouse.

Olivia Cornu

Morgan and Binh immediately brought watchers into the restroom. and not flushing is simply abnormal, Binh! Morgan additionally surrendered to her significant other’s monetary characteristic, and her splitting the difference to do clothing before 4 p.m. was a strong indication of a spouse compromising. Ideally, Binh’s unbending propensities will not impede the two filling in affection.

From the get-go, I didn’t know whether he was being entertained by the unbending nature, however, he didn’t stop at switching out the lights while Morgan was in the restroom, and Morgan was like, “In no way, shape, or form!” This will intrigue me.

While meeting with Pastor Cal, it was clear the subject of children was a disputed matter and science was not. They overflow sexual science, and being physical appears to come simply for both. I preferred that Stacia needed to move gradually and believed her significant other should open up more so they could experience passionate feelings for her.

Olivia Cornu

I trust Nate can take advantage of his weak side and assist with pushing their marriage forward. Morgan’s place is extremely her, yet the feline inquiries from Binh were odd. Has he never had a pet? Max is so charming and I valued Binh alluding to him as his “stepson.”At the point when Pastor Cal visited, he went right in about their past conflict.

He permitted them both to share their sides and what they are doing now to move past it. Binh assumed complete ownership, which was reviving. Morgan made sense that she has walls up now and how it would be challenging to cut them down.

The discussion went from really sweet and earnest, to extremely abnormal and constrained. Poor Binh referencing YouTube as a perspective for fondness was simply excessively for Morgan, Pastor Cal and we all at home. I stay confident about these two. They appear to believe should do a good job for one another, which is an extraordinary pussyfoot technique for a long, cheerful marriage.

Krysten and Mitch visiting their new home were truly sweet and I’m digging how the two of them appear to be so confident about the future and the present status of their marriage. In its expressions of Mitch, it’s everything so “charming!” Seeing Mitch’s place truly permitted Krysten to see look at her better half’s lone ranger life.

Beyond his grimy bath, oven, and cooler, his single-man cushion wasn’t exactly terrible. Krysten disagreed yet I’ve seen more awful! Then, we moved to Krysten’s home and met her extremely energized Luna! Mitch appeared to be uncertain about her, the flaw, and all the relaxation.

Olivia Cornu

The supper scene between these two was amusing to watch since the two of them appeared to be so genuine. Hearing how Mitch hadn’t been enamored as a grown-up was a piece worried to me, so we will see where he goes with this exceptionally sped-up exploration.

The coupons were smart and Krysten stepping up and taking things to a higher level genuinely is such a move. Get it, young lady! At the point when Pastor Cal showed up, these two were cuddled on the love seat and appeared to be so associated. There was a snapshot of festivity between every one of them after they affirmed the deed had been finished.

They rushed to call attention to the that they are taking their marriage step by step, and are not completely dedicated to seeing it past the two months. Good gracious. Alexis and Justin felt the shortfall of their pets when they strolled into their new home. Their discussion was about their shaggy closest companions, which makes me anxious about how the four will cohabitate.

Alexis’ home was so brilliant thus her! I concurred with Alexis about her canine being her youngster and for somebody who has his own pet, I’m amazed Justin continued to allude to Newton as “the canine.” Walking into Justin’s home, we heard Alexis refer to marriage as “simple” and say she’s hanging tight for the zinger.

I promptly worried on the grounds that I know the shrewd individuals who make this show, and I take everything as advance notice shots. Alexis was promptly not good with Justin’s place and she got straight to the point. They rushed to accumulate the fuzzy friends and get them together for the following experience.

I’m pausing my breathing as they generally return to the condo and it’s the ideal opportunity for the new kin to meet. Alexis didn’t have the foggiest idea where regardless of the presentations and it appeared Justin had a smidgen more certainty, however, Mya getting defensive toward disturbing. Do they not see that? Clearly, no, they didn’t! Unfortunate Newton. This could truly cause erosion in the marriage assuming that their two adorable little dogs won’t ever get along.

Olivia Cornu

What would be an ideal next step? Alexis promptly shut down and shut Justin out. It was simply awful. Fortunately, Newton will be OK and his new fur-sister will disappear from the instructional course.

Time to hear what Pastor Cal needs to say regarding all of this. The two were so tense on the love seat, and it appeared to reduce Alexis’ feeling like Justin didn’t stay true to his commitment to ensuring Newton was OK during the combination. Justin not sharing how Mya had been in canine battles before was a warning to Alexis and she said she was prepared to run. Justin was shaken by the discussion and you could see he was not trifling with any of it.

Minister Cal called it a conjugal test and encouraged them to consider botches and to construct trust extra time gradually. Alexis asked Justin to overshare and he was unyielding that he could make it happen. Thusly, Justin requested that Alexis allow Mya another opportunity, which undulated up more pressure between the two.

Mya being forceful, notwithstanding Justin being deceptive, might be the dealbreaker that closes this marriage. Woof. Lindy and Miguel are valuable! As a feline sweetheart and feline mom, I was unable to hold back to meet Tweety and I trusted Miguel to cherish his new fuzzy friend. Their most memorable discussion in the house got genuinely extreme, genuine quick.

I needed to venture into the screen and advise them to dial back and partake in these minutes! Discussing Decision Day so early didn’t appear really smart and it created the impression that Lindy concurred. Miguel’s home was perfect and coordinated and his better half totally gobbled everything up.

Olivia Cornu

Indeed, even the gamer side of him didn’t appear to deter her. Miguel then took things to a higher level by bringing his better half blossoms. The discussion streamed with such ease between the two, and it was so good to watch since you can see they are both dedicated to one another and the interaction.

The gathering with Pastor Cal demonstrated that Lindy was holding nothing back, paying little mind to what her identity was coordinated with. In the meantime, Miguel went into this cycle thinking there’d be an out.

Fortunately, presently they are both holding nothing back and have rebranded Decision Day as Vow Renewal Day… what a success for the two of them! The two of them shared their apprehensions and Lindy made incredible focus on how sentiments aren’t extremely durable and she’s trusting their marriage will be.

Olivia Cornu

It’ll be exceptionally intriguing to find out how this turns out and the amount the two of them will develop. I’m prepared for the following week! Hitched at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.



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