Outlander’s Sam Heughan shares a big career announcement

Sam Heughan

Sam heughan shared an announcement about his career he is not just an actor with a drinks company he is a businessman who is readying to move with another drink in a video shared on social media.

Sam Heughan

with Sassenach Spirits. The Outlander entertainer couldn’t include his enthusiasm as he said to fans a gin would be coming in 2023,

I am in America guy sam starts he said he was tasting lots of little bottles of gin to make the finest gin and tonic. We can’t wait for the supply.

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan

We are formulating the Sassenach Gin. going to operate truly well as a gin and tonic or as a Martini, which I’m a big fan of.“We’re getting Fan Lorraine posted:

“Ooohhhh…interesting. I’m a huge fan of whisky & tequila, but I don’t have much knowledge of gin; however, some of them are exciting,

Sam Heughan

as noted he would underline in Days Gone. This is not the first huge news regarding Sam’s career.



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