Pop star Justin bieber shared a sweet photo in bed with their wife Hailey

Justin Bieber (13)

a snapshot into his home life with Hailey barber he posted on Instagram he ditched the professional grade photos that usually capture Hailey

the ultra-famous couple and instead treated fans with a simple selfie with their wife from bed in a slightly blurred photo Justin lies with Hailey cuddled up


on his shoulder as they both smile for the camera and their pet Yorkie lying between both of their hands safely and snuffles his nose against Justin’s face pop star captioned the post good morning from the Bieber family the peaches Bieber and Hailey are married since 2018


they tied up in a quiet courthouse ceremony from since 4 years they are facing sickness and health with both encountering serious individual health scares in recent months just a few days before posting a new photo Bieber was at the Italy Lucca festival performing live for the first time

since being forced to postpone the summer chunk of his Justice tour due to facial paralysis caused by Ramsay Hunt syndrome.in June he reveals his illness he posted a video on Instagram showing how half of his face couldn’t blink,

Justin bieber
Justin bieber

stretch or smile even as the other half continued doiHailey When he made his return to the stage at Lucca, Hailey was captured on photos and a video posted by Justin Bieber after the performance 25 years old model shared that her husband was there for her in march as she dealt with the aftermath of ministroke.



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