Prey Star Discusses Her Main Concern With The Predator Prequel

Prey Star

Amber Midthunder, who plays Amber in the series film Prey, discusses her main worry while working on the project. The Predator sci-fi action film from 1987 marked the start of the franchise 35 years ago.

Prey Star

Arnold Schwarzenegger played a part in an elite team of commandos on a jungle mission that quickly went awry when they realized they were going up against a vicious extraterrestrial hunter.

Three sequels to that movie and two crossovers with the Alien series came after it, and each of them sent the Predators to a different setting, such as suburban America, Los Angeles, Antarctica, and even the Predators’ home planet in 2010. 

The franchise has taken several swings, but Prey, which will debut exclusively on Hulu on August 5, 2022, is the biggest one yet. They discovered a completely new historical period, going back hundreds of years to 1719,

Prey Star

rather than simply discovering a new location for the predator to hunt. The movie centers on Nauru (Midthunder), a young Comanche woman who desires to be a warrior against the social pressure to pursue a career in medicine. A deadly predator starts to prowl the adjacent woodland,

and she is one of the few humans with the ability to stop it. This gives her the chance to prove her point. 


Midthunder just had a conversation about her part in Reservation Dogs season 2 with Collider. But naturally, talk turned to her recent action-packed performance in Prey. She admitted that “how Native people would feel about it” was her major sticking point.

Prey Star

She was extremely delighted “to have Native people, in general, respond warmly” and wanted to make sure the movie did right by the minority community. Below is her complete quote:

In truth, I was more concerned with how Native people would react to the film as I was making it than after it was released. I was actually most concerned with how the movie would be received in India. What the answer would be to that was the main concern that was weighing on me.

To have it come out that way and have Comanche people and Native people, in general, respond favorably was a great relief because I felt like that is who the movie was for and what the movie was about. 

Prey Star

Prey’s creators worked tirelessly to ensure that the movie was as historically and culturally authentic as possible, despite the fact that it is always a nerve-wracking prospect to see whether or not a film will be warmly received by the community it aims to honor.

Prey Star

This included Comanche and Blackfeet Nation member and producer Jhane Myers making entire binders full of reference materials, even a historically authentic toothbrush, to aid in bringing the world of the movie to life.

Even a Comanche language dub of Prey with the entire cast is available on Hulu.

The movie has been a huge hit for the streaming service, in addition to allaying Midthunder’s concerns about Prey.

Prey Star

It is becoming more likely that there will be a sequel, even if it has not yet been formally confirmed. In order to bring the world of the Comanche tribe in the 1700s to life, even more, let’s hope Prey 2 maintains its attention to cultural accuracy.


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