Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Resurrects Fan-Favorite ‘Walking Dead’ Characters


Ryan Reynold Fans of the long-running AMC show were treated to cameos from four characters who perished throughout the course of the show’s 12-season run at the series finale on Sunday.

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Maximum Effort and AMC Network’s Content Room collaborated to create unique advertising for The Walking Dead series finale that resurrected four fan favorites.
Fans of the long-running series were taken aback on Sunday when they saw images of Milton Mamet (Dallas Roberts), Andrea Harrison (Laurie Holden), Rodney (Joe Ando-Hirsh), and Gareth (Andrew West) years after they died in the series.

Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort Resurrects Fan-Favorite 'Walking Dead' Characters

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The characters appeared in commercials for Deloitte, DoorDash, Autodesk, and Ring, with Reynolds himself appearing in one for MNTN, his advertising software firm.
“Advertising should be enjoyable,” Reynolds said in a statement. “The Walking Dead has sparked more cultural discourse than any other product over the last decade, and we wanted to commemorate that by resurrecting select characters in some entertaining contextual advertising.” We were blown away by AMC Networks’ full support and Deloitte, DoorDash, Autodesk, and Ring’s willingness to be unconventional.”

“Ads can be a part of the cultural debate as they previously were,” he adds. They require more love, attention, and mischief.”

Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort Resurrects Fan-Favorite 'Walking Dead' Characters

In one of the commercials, Rodney buys takeout from DoorDash and tells the driver, “Don’t worry. “I won’t bite,” he says, adding, “Just kidding, I will.” The advertisement stated, “Everything in your area, delivered to your door.” Alternatively, pike.” In contrast, Milton Mamet starred in an Autodesk commercial, where he invented the world’s first “grunt-powered door handle.”


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