Monday, September 26, 2022
Mega Millions

Even they earned the $1.34 billion Mega Millions prize. But they haven’t claimed it

Mega Millions prize after earning the $1.34  but they didn't take it after the numbers were drawn the lucky person who won has yet...
JamesLeBronJams constantlytease$20 millionmodelon nationalTVdespite realizinghis wife SavannahJames (10)

Despite realizing his wife, savannah James LeBron James constantly teased a...

From the NBA LeBron James has to appear a long way from his younger days. he was a flirting menace and didn't realize any...
Jennifer Hudson reachesEGOTstater winningTonyAwd (2)

Jennifer Hudson receives Tony award to complete her prestigious EGOT win

Jennifer Hudson receives Tony award to complete her prestigious EGOT winas A Stranger Loop. She was in the place of 17th in the industry...
Regina Hall said that may Smiths Apology Video is that theFirstStepto PossibleRedemon (9)

Will Smith’s Apology Video is that the ‘First Step’ to Possible ‘Redemption’ said by...

when asked about Will Smith’s recent video within which he apologized for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars Regina Hall chooses her words carefully.honk...
Leah Remini lost her wedding to Affleck (10)

Leah Remini missed her wedding to Ben Affleck for good reason.

Officially remarried, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck! Bennifer's real wedding extravaganza took place this past weekend on Affleck's farm in Georgia, despite the fact...
Church apologizes for dealing in illegal (6)

The church apologizes for performing an unlicensed

The Dramatists Guild, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and others have criticised Hamilton's author, and the Christian Fellowship McAllen Church has issued an apology and promised to...
YellowstoneReillys RealLifeHusband BethDuttonShares SomeSimilarities WithRip Wheeler (1)

‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly’s Real-Life Husband Beth Dutton Shares Some Similarities With Rip Wheeler.

Up until a crucial line of dialogue from Episode 10 of the Tim McGraw show, the relationship between John Dutton on Yellowstone and James...

Biden forgives student loan debt, extends freeze.

According to several people familiar with the plan, the White House is planning to announce a student loan relief plan as early as Wednesday...

The 10 Most Adorable Retro Gaming Memes.

Things Sure Have Changed. Many games nowadays feature flashy moves and attacks. When a prompt appears on the screen, gamers press a couple of...
Casey affleck says welcome to our family to the Jennifer Lopez (8)

Casey Affleck invites Jennifer Lopez into their family :

On the weekend they Awarded that winning actor after the apperance their post in instagram and the caption of that is “Good things are...