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Tech Update: iPhone 16 Innovations Revealed, MacBook Pro Launch Postponed, iPhone AAA Game Disappointments



Consumers expecting impatiently for new releases from Apple have experienced a mix of delight and disappointment due to recent advances in the constantly changing world of technology. While some are waiting impatiently for the MacBook Pro launch, tech fans are enthralled by the reveal of advances in the iPhone 16. Discussions on the future of gaming on Apple’s mobile platform have been spurred by the disappointing reception of AAA games on the iPhone.

After a busy week for Apple, here are the top stories from this past week: the new features and design of the iPhone 16, long-awaited announcements about the M4 MacBook, the arrival of the iPhone’s Mac mirror, the success of the iPad pro, challenges from the EU to the App Store, and the bombing of iPhone AAA games.

iPhone 16 Innovations: What’s New?

The sixteenth generation of Apple’s iPhone is yet another groundbreaking device. The upgraded A18 Bionic chip guarantees quicker performance and longer battery life, the revised OLED display offers better resolution and increased color accuracy, and the innovative triple-camera system improves low-light capabilities. More than that, 5G Ultra-Wideband technology has revolutionized mobile communication with its lightning-fast networks.

Apple Confirms New iPhone Features:

Apple has detailed numerous novel ways to encourage device repairability and extend battery life in a whitepaper that was released this week. With the release of iOS 18, third-party components for iPhones will have access to the device’s true-tone and battery meter capabilities:

Customers whose devices use batteries manufactured by other companies do not yet have access to battery health indicators like maximum capacity and cycle count. The reason behind this is that Apple is unable to confirm the veracity of these measurements. Coming later in 2024, Apple will show battery health indicators with a notice saying, “Apple cannot verify the information presented.” This is all part of their plan to make third-party batteries more compatible.

New iPhone, New Cases, New Clues:

The three most important features that Apple will include in the entry-level iPhone in 2024 have been confirmed by a leak of the most recent iPhone 16 covers. Two additional buttons, an action button and a camera button, are on the way, but it’s the camera’s updates to accommodate Apple’s gizmo augmented reality headset that demonstrate the compatibility Apple has promoted:

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There has been a shift from the iPhone 15’s diagonal placement on a square camera island to a more lozenge-shaped island with a vertical configuration. The ordinary photos and movies shot on the iPhone shouldn’t be affected by this, but when recording in landscape mode, the lenses will be arranged side by side. This is necessary to capture stereoscopic recordings that can be played back in 3D on the Apple Vision Pro headset.

A Long Wait For Mac’s M4:

Last month, Apple introduced the M4 chipset to the world in the iPad Pro. Although the M series from Apple Silicon is more commonly associated with Macs, it has made an appearance in previous iPad Pro models. Unfortunately, the M4 won’t be available for purchase by the general public for Macs, MacBooks, and iMacs for about six months:

We anticipate an M4 chip for the entry-level 14-inch MacBook Pro, as well as updates to the 14-and 16-inch versions with M4 Pro and M4 Max processors. The Mac mini will be equipped with M4 and M4 Pro processors. It is unclear when the iMac will receive an update with the latest chip technology, and the M4 chips won’t be available for the MacBook Air, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro models until 2025.

iPhone Meets Mac:

At last month’s WWDC, Apple introduced the developer betas of iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, which include a new feature that allows users to mirror their iPhone’s screen onto their Mac. We anticipate the whole public release to occur in early October. Mirroring does more than just allow users to share files and permissions; it also brings the file systems of the devices closer together.

The king of convenience features, “chief among the more,” is the ability to transfer files between your Mac and iPhone with a simple drag and drop. Notifications from the iPhone will appear on the linked Mac’s screen, and you may open them directly from the Mac’s screen by clicking on them.

Apple Finds Retail Success:

According to Canalys’ most recent analysis of quarterly sales data for laptops and tablets, Apple may rest easy knowing where those two product categories stand:

What this means is that Apple captured 14.2% of the market share for desktops and laptops throughout the quarter. Compared to 1,723,000 in Q1 2023…, it shipped around 2,102,000 Macs. The quarterly total of iPads shipped by Apple was 4,928,000, a decrease from 5,404,000 in the previous year. Still, with 50.8% of the market, the iPad is unrivaled.

EU ’s Latest App Store Issues:

As a result of third-party app stores and developers’ ability to inform users of alternatives to Apple’s store, regulators in the EU have challenged Apple:

In order to avoid a colossal fine, the tech giant has been given the chance to study the early findings of the probe and return with a plan that the EU finds acceptable. Developers should have the freedom to inform users when there are alternative, less expensive app shops to Apple’s, according to the European Commission.

MacBook Pro Launch Delay: Anticipation Builds:

Fans of the MacBook Pro are dealing with an unforeseen setback as iPhone fans revel in the revolutionary features of the iPhone 16. Unanticipated production issues have delayed the delivery of the highly expected MacBook Pro with next-generation M2 chipsets, which was originally scheduled for this summer.

According to sources close to the matter, Apple is putting a premium on supply chain optimization and quality assurance in order to guarantee a problem-free launch for its devoted clientele. While the wait is frustrating for customers, it shows that Apple is serious about providing devices with top-notch performance and durability.

The representative from Apple expressed their utmost regret for the difficulty that the delay may have caused. “Rest assured, we are working tirelessly to bring the new MacBook Pro models to market as soon as possible, with enhancements that will redefine the laptop computing experience.”

iPhone AAA Game Disappointments: A Mixed Reception:

Despite the widespread praise for Apple’s new hardware, many are scratching their heads about how well AAA games run on the iPhone. The compatibility concerns, performance discrepancies, and lackluster graphics compared to console versions are some of the reasons why a number of AAA titles optimized for Apple’s devices have not resonated with players, despite great hopes.

Experts in the game business say that the fundamental hardware disparities between mobile devices and consoles are to blame for these problems. Even though Apple is still putting money into gaming hardware with programs like Apple Arcade, some say it will be a long time before the iPhone can compete with consoles.

“Developers need to harness its capabilities effectively,” gaming analyst Emily Chen noted, referring to the iPhone’s great potential as a gaming platform. “As technology advances, we anticipate improvements in mobile gaming experiences that leverage the full potential of devices like the iPhone 16.”

Looking Ahead: The Future of Apple’s Technology Landscape:

Techies are waiting with bated breath for Apple to figure out the ins and outs of gaming integration, product releases, and hardware innovation. Apple continues to revolutionize the digital world with its innovative mobile and desktop products, as well as its relentless pursuit of better gaming experiences.

The introduction of innovative iPhone features, the eagerness for MacBook Pro updates, and the development of mobile gaming are just a few examples of how Apple never fails to amaze and excite customers around the globe. Everyone in the IT industry is waiting for Apple to reveal its plans for the future so they may witness the revolutionary effects it will have on society and technology.

And Finally…

As part of Apple’s foray into AAA gaming, the iPhone has welcomed a number of well-known titles in the past year. Research indicates that following titles have “bombed” in terms of commercial success:

Approximately 123,000 copies of Assassin’s Creed Mirage have been downloaded since June 6, according to Appfigures. But so far, it has only brought in $138,000 in sales. Revenue levels suggest that fewer than 3,000 customers were willing to pay $49.99 to access the full game, according to the report.







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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Introducing the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra




Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Introducing the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung has once again set the stage in the tech world with its latest Galaxy Unpacked event in a fast-paced world. The event was anticipated by many as it showcased both minor tweaks as well as major strides in mobile tech and smart tech.

Later today (July 10), Galaxy Unpacked will begin. AI and health tracking are likely to be the main topics of discussion for Samsung’s newest product launch.

More Galaxy AI features, which are Samsung’s take on AI and were first shown off at the last Galaxy Unpacked in January, will be available. We think that Samsung’s newest folding phones will come with new Galaxy AI features. Even more exciting, Samsung has suggested that some of the Galaxy AI features might be made to work best with the foldable designs of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Introducing the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra

It sounds like the Fold and Flip will only get incremental changes, so at least one exciting thing will come out with those two phones. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 might get a better main camera sensor, and both phones should get a powerful new chipset. That’s about all the big changes that are said to be happening with those phones.

The biggest buzz is about the health tracking features that are sure to get a lot of attention at Galaxy Unpacked. The Galaxy Ring, which was teased earlier this year, is set to make its official appearance. We’ll find out what this smart ring can track and, more importantly, how much it costs. We also expect an update to the Galaxy Watch line, which will include a brand-new Galaxy Watch Ultra that people who want a more durable and long-lasting workout watch are likely to like.

What to expect from Galaxy Unpacked in July 2024:

There are rumours that these products will be shown at today’s Unpacked event:

  • Galaxy Z Fold 6: Samsung’s bigger folding phone might get a cover screen with a better aspect ratio for easy use.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 6: The current 12MP sensor will likely be replaced by a 50MP sensor, and the cover display may get bigger.
  • Galaxy Ring: This is Samsung’s first smart ring, the Galaxy Ring. It can track things like sleep apnea and blood oxygen levels.
  • Galaxy Watch 7: Samsung’s normal smartwatch might get a new look and last longer on a single charge.
  • Galaxy Watch Ultra: Samsung is likely to release a more high-end tracker.
  • Galaxy Buds 3: Updates will be coming to both the regular and pro versions of the Galaxy Buds 3.

Find out how to watch Galaxy Unpacked July 2024:

The live broadcast will be available on Samsung’s YouTube page.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Introducing the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra

Last chance to get a new Galaxy phone for $50 less:

If you really need to pre-order one of the rumoured Galaxy devices with a view to be shown off at Unpacked later nowadays, you can shop some money in case you act fast. Visit Samsung’s website and reserve one of the new devices. You will then get $50 to spend on one of the new goods.

Before Galaxy Unpacked starts offevolved at 9 a.M. Eastern time (6 a.M. Pacific time / 2 p.M. U.K. Time), though, you need to do this.

As of this writing, you have got a touch more than five hours to offer Samsung your information and get that money returned. We’ve heard that the prices of the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 foldable telephones might move up, so any more financial savings you can get are really some thing you’ll use.

More people who want to buy the Flip:

This week, more than simply the Galaxy Z Flip 6 has been speaking about flexible turn telephones. Motorola up to date its folding Razr cellular phone at the forestall of June, and we have now had a risk to check every of them.

The Motorola Razr Plus (2024) is going up closer to Samsung’s Flip because it begins at $999, the equal rate because of the reality the Galaxy Z Flip 5. It has a larger screen at the lower back, a ultra-modern Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset, and better cameras. The 50MP main lens on the Razr Plus may be preferred with the aid of most. The selection to feature a zoom lens in preference to an ultrawide digital camera can be met with more criticism.

But bear in mind about the Motorola Razr, which charges $699 (2024). There are some exchange-offs with the inexpensive foldable: the chipset is not as powerful, and the digicam had problem running in low light. But Motorola fixed one of the most important problems with the 2023 version by making the duvet display screen larger, from a thin strip to a three.6-inch panel that is less complicated to use. There might be opposition for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 from both sides.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Introducing the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra

Price of the Galaxy Ring:

We got a very good look at the Galaxy Ring from Samsung, but the corporation hasn’t stated how much the smart ring will cost. This issue is likely to escalate in the near future, as Unpacked is expected to make a significant announcement regarding the price of the Galaxy Ring and its availability for purchase.

For now, all we can do is speculate on the potential cost of the Galaxy Ring Many clever bands cost around $300, but the most effective ones cover the cost of the ring itself. f. Some wearables also have monthly charges that you must pay in case you need to use them.

If the theft of the Galaxy Ring fees occurs, the estimated cost is between $300 and $350. It costs a bit more than the Oura Ring, but you have to pay for a membership with that one. At this point, it’s not clear if Samsung can even price a month-to-month rate.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Introducing the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra

Galaxy Watch Ultra:

With the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Samsung has once again raised the bar in the field of wearable tech that is changing quickly. This new Samsung smartwatch, which was shown off at the much-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event, is expected to change what people expect from a wearable device by mixing advanced features with a sleek design.

Design and Build: A Blend of Elegance and Durability:

The Galaxy Watch Ultra sticks out immediately with its elegant layout and robust build best. Crafted from top rate substances, it exudes a sense of class even as making sure sturdiness for normal put on. Available in a number of elegant finishes and customizable bands, the watch caters to various tastes and possibilities, seamlessly blending into any wardrobe or occasion.

Display and Interface: Enhanced Visibility and User Experience:

The Galaxy Watch Ultra’s vibrant and rapid display screen, with its clean strains and brilliant colors, is its coronary heart. Whether you’re internal or outside, the watch without difficulty adjusts to specific lighting situations so that you can always see it honestly. The person interface is straightforward and smooth to recognize, making it simple to transport round and get to many functions and apps.

Health and Fitness Tracking: Empowering Users to Stay Active and Informed:

One exceptional factor about the Galaxy Watch Ultra is that it can music plenty of different health and exercise activities. With its excessive-tech sensors and AI-powered algorithms, the watch continues an eye to your heart price, sleep conduct, and pressure levels, amongst different matters. Real-time feedback and personalized records give users the electricity to make clever selections about their fitness, which inspires a proactive technique to managing health.

Connectivity and Ecosystem Integration: Seamlessly Connected Experiences:

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is a splendid example of the way nicely Samsung’s ecosystem works together. It works flawlessly with plenty of distinctive Galaxy smartphones. The watch makes it clean for users to live related and get matters accomplished all through the day, whether or not they’re getting notifications, controlling clever domestic devices, or using productivity equipment. It’s greater bendy because it works with both Android and iOS devices, which makes it a first rate desire for those who use specific structures.

Battery Life and Performance: Long-lasting Power for Extended Use:

The Galaxy Watch Ultra has a sleek layout, however it has a completely lengthy battery life. It can move for lengthy durations of time without having to be charged frequently. The watch can maintain up with customers’ busy lives without getting inside the manner, whether or not they’re monitoring their workouts, going to conferences, or just staying related.

The Galaxy Watch has a bioactive sensor:

At Galaxy Unpacked, the Galaxy Watch 7 is likewise in all likelihood to be proven off. However, Samsung has already shown us one of the new capabilities so one can be on the watch. Samsung showed off the BioActive health tracker with a purpose to be in its new watches.

Fitness editor James Frew has greater information about the BioActive fitness sensor, but in short, it is constructed into Samsung smartwatches, and this new edition has higher sensor placement that must make readings for such things as coronary heart charge monitoring greater dependable. This chip additionally has more room, and the LEDs that degree your heart charge had been made better.



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Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat




Samsung again outpaced Pixel in announcing this month’s security release. This update is terrible for your Galaxy device because of what’s missing, not what’s fixed. Google has acknowledged that Samsung and other Android devices are vulnerable to June’s Pixel zero-day alert. While Pixels are patched, Samsung smartphones are not. July’s update doesn’t mention that. You should be careful as the US government warned about this peril.

Samsung’s upgrade includes four other severe Android security warnings, three of which repair Qualcomm vulnerabilities and were delayed from June’s update. Samsung advises consumers that component updates may come later than software and firmware changes, yet Pixel released these faster. The other important Android upgrade in Samsung’s July release is current and has been released instantly. Google cautions that CVE-2024-31320 affects Android’s framework and “could lead to local escalation of privilege with no additional execution privileges needed.” Consider that an update warning.

 Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung offers its standard corrections, including essential input validation upgrades, in addition to Android patches. Samsung cautions vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code by compromising device secure control data. The “user interaction is required for triggering this vulnerability,” meaning a UI message the user must act on, might be disguised in many ways. Forbes and its affiliates notify you of special offers, product updates, and content suggestions. The missing Pixel zero-day fix is more pressing.

Last month, Google told Pixel users that CVE-2024-32896 “may be under limited, targeted exploitation,” and the US government ordered federal employees to upgrade their Pixel smartphones by July 4 “or discontinue use of the product.” This Pixel patch was the second part of an April repair, and Graphene OS advised that “there are two vulnerabilities being addressed,” via its disclosure. “Neither issue is being fixed outside Pixels yet.”

Google stated that Android security is aware of the vulnerability and that it affects the platform after additional study. Google Pixel devices with the newest security update are protected. We will prioritize and release solutions for other Android OEM partners as they become available.” Google claims that “additional exploits would be needed to compromise a device,” however Graphene OS has warned about this chain attack involving numerous vulnerabilities. There is no repair for devices other than Pixels, and it may take months.

 Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Graphene OS also advises that CVE-2024-29745, which has only been patched on Pixels, still threatens Samsung and other Android smartphones.I was told that “CVE-2024-29745 is the more serious issue” and was resolved in April for Pixels, but other devices don’t have the protection yet. OEMs must address this firmware issue. It will take time. The possibility of Pixel patching before others is starting to establish a pattern, which is bad if you just spent $1000-plus on a new flagship and want it to be fully safe. After Google confirmed these vulnerabilities, I asked Samsung for comments.

Google’s Pixel update bulletins have lagged behind Samsung’s in recent months. Not this month—not by much. Pixel users now know their July release. This month’s Pixel-specific updates are lighter than Samsung’s July repairs. Other Android updates are more substantial and include essential software and hardware updates that Google says are all included in the Pixel update.

This is a problem for Samsung users because they are not getting timely patches. Putting aside the Pixel zero-day vulnerability on Samsung smartphones, which will remain until it’s patched, and CVE-2024-29745, Pixel is subtly becoming more iPhone-like in its integration of hardware and software. Pixel has a more cohesive product but still needs carriers to promote software.

 Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung faces a dilemma. Google Pixel has matured into a solid bet. The fast-tracked integration of its own AI to Pixel devices, which are built for it, promises a fiercer competition in the future. Pixel’s immediate aim is Samsung and the hundreds of millions of handsets it sells to Google-controlled Android customers. Galaxy and Pixel are also after iPhone. Even in AI security and privacy, Google’s cloud-based approach earlier in the year seemed to give Samsung’s hybrid AI solution market room, but that has changed. Google is responding as the market emphasizes device-only AI’s privacy benefits. Its ownership of Android’s core AI and Pixel hardware is advantageous.

Samsung flagships are flying off the shelves, so this won’t appear serious. A generational transition like AI will make this market more finicky. Many consumers will transfer brands and platforms. Pixel is more software than hardware, unlike Samsung and Apple. AI revolutionized the game for consumers. Google’s integrated hardware/software ecosystem lets it match Apple’s security strategy, unlike Samsung.

 Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung Issues Galaxy Update Warning As Google Confirms New Threat

Samsung dominates the premium Android market, but Google is coming up and has an advantage. This has become apparent in recent months. Samsung users have experienced Qualcomm component update delays. In comparison, Pixel released such fixes faster. This late warning that Pixel’s zero-day isn’t just a Pixel bug is a serious mistake that needs to be remedied immediately. Android 15 is coming soon, and while it will introduce many new security upgrades and user protection, it will hopefully fix some of these concerns. But waiting is long. Samsung customers should update when this month’s update is ready for their model, region, and carrier.

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Google AI vs. Galaxy AI: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Competes for Supremacy




Google AI vs. Galaxy AI: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Competes for Supremacy

Two behemoths in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence (AI) are gearing up for a showdown that could have far-reaching consequences. One of the most powerful tech firms in the world, Google, is preparing its artificial intelligence division to take on Galaxy AI, a competitor known for its innovative products and strategic alliances. Everyone in the tech industry is waiting with bated breath to see how these industry heavyweights’ upcoming announcements will affect the future of artificial intelligence and its many potential uses.

Artificial Intelligence:

The Rise of Google AI

Google is a household name when it comes to cutting-edge tech and groundbreaking ideas. Google has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence advancements throughout its history, from its origins as a search engine to its present position as a multi-faceted tech giant. Google AI, with its foundations in ML and NLP, has grown to represent cutting-edge developments in data analysis, virtual assistants, and autonomous systems.

Galaxy AI: A Challenger Approaches

As a contrast, Galaxy AI is a relative newcomer to the field of artificial intelligence. Galaxy AI has quickly become well-known for its AI solutions that are customized to various industries, including healthcare and finance. The company has received significant investment and has formed important partnerships to support this growth.

Galaxy AI has distinguished itself as a strong rival to well-established companies like Google by capitalizing on its distinctive method to artificial intelligence development and implementation.

Google AI vs. Galaxy AI: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Competes for Supremacy

The Battleground: Cutting-Edge Technologies

A race to innovate is key to this rivalry. New AI-driven technologies, such as those that Google and Galaxy AI are slated to showcase, have the potential to revolutionize entire sectors and alter the way consumers experience them. Important points to consider are:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Improving language understanding and generation capabilities.
  • Computer Vision: Enhancing image and video recognition for applications in autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics, and more.
  • AI Ethics and Governance: Addressing concerns surrounding AI bias, privacy, and transparency.

Implications for Industry and Society

Beyond advances in technology, this competition has far-reaching consequences. Industries worldwide stand to gain from improved AI capabilities as Google AI and Galaxy AI compete for supremacy. The incorporation of cutting-edge AI technology holds great potential to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and increase productivity. This includes everything from more intuitive digital assistants to individualized healthcare diagnoses.

Still, concerns over ethics, legislation, and the nature of employment in the future have been prompted by the lightning-fast advancements in AI. To protect society and keep public trust as AI systems advance, it is essential to deploy them responsibly and reduce the likelihood of unforeseen outcomes.

Google AI vs. Galaxy AI: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Competes for Supremacy

Looking Ahead: Collaboration or Competition?

There is a chance that Google AI and Galaxy AI could work together, despite the fact that they are competitors in the market. Both companies are committed to pioneering AI research and development, so they have a vested interest in seeing the field thrive and overcome its obstacles. A more equitable and long-term AI ecosystem may be possible through joint initiatives in areas like open standards, interoperability, and AI ethics.

Google AI could debut on Pixel 9, ready to take on Galaxy AI

A recent rumor from Android Authority claims that Google will provide various new AI functions on the Pixel 9, under the Google AI label. This builds upon the fact that Pixel phones have had AI features for a few years.

There will be both new and old features included. Two services that were previously available on Pixel phones, Circle to Search and Gemini, are now included under Google AI. Add Me, Pixel Screenshots, and Studio are the three brand new artificial intelligence capabilities from Google.

Google AI vs. Galaxy AI: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Competes for Supremacy

Like Microsoft’s Recall tool, which was unveiled last month, Pixel Screenshots is an intriguing new feature. It finds valuable information in screenshots saved on your phone by analyzing them. With this function enabled, a Pixel device will capture screenshots and retain any pertinent text or URLs. Additionally, the names of the apps and the time of screenshot capture are saved.

Thank goodness this tool doesn’t secretly record your every move like Windows 11’s Recall does and instead respects your privacy. It solely employs on-device AI to process data and extract information from manually captured screenshots.

Google AI vs. Galaxy AI: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Competes for Supremacy

More AI features coming to Galaxy AI

Newer high-end Samsung phones come with features like Circle to Search, Generative AI-powered picture editing, and an AI wallpaper generator. Nevertheless, it lacks functionality comparable to Pixel Screenshots and Google AI’s Add Me.

Preliminary sketches and drawings made with a S Pen can reportedly be improved upon by an artificial intelligence image generator that Samsung is reportedly developing. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to release next week with One UI 6.1.1, which will likely include this feature.


Google AI and Galaxy AI’s imminent showdown marks a watershed point in AI’s development. The tech world is eagerly awaiting these giants’ unveiling of their newest technologies. Whether they work together or compete, Google and Galaxy AI are making strides that could change industries, revolutionize society, and reimagine our connection with technology in the future.




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