Tesla driver scolded by Elon Musk see what’s the reason behind it?

Tesla driver

On Twitter for criticizing the carmaker’s Full Self-Driving software, Elon musk scolded a tesla driver .

Tesla driver

for the service, the driver said he paid $32,000 showing his car struggling to turn right and change lanes he shared a video telling people to “especially seek negative feedback in the past musk promoted constructive criticism.

on Tuesday pointing out an apparent issue with the electric-car maker’s Full Self-Driving “FSD” software Elon Musk scolded a Tesla driver.

to stop complaining after Locke The CEO told Tesla owner James Locke software CEO based out of California, a video posted on Twitter right turns and lane changes showing instances where FSD struggled.

Tesla driver

On Twitter musk said that 10.69 is in limited release for a reason which was rolled out earlier this week related to the latest FSD update. in early beta releases and then complaints that don’t ask to include it.

in North America, Tesla is raising the price for the optional FSD feature to $15,000 said to musk on Sunday per month monthly subscription The software can also be bought for a $199 on Twitter Locke said this earlier week , that he’s spent over $32,000 on Tesla’s FSD and now pays $199 per month for the feature.

when the system is moving  Tesla says to drivers that the system doesn’t replace a licensed driver and instructs them to keep their hands on the wheel and be prepared to take over.FSD is not a fully autonomous system.

Tesla driver

the drives of tesla have to follow all rules perfectly The software is in a beta testing mode and has over 100,000 subscribers which Tesla can use to test the software in real-time and allows the system’s AI to learn from experienced drivers.

Musk scolded him for critiquing the software locke promptly apologized who is the founding president of the Tesla Owners Clubs in Vancouver Island and Santa Clarita Valley, tesla driver shares a video testing FSD on his youtube account.In march tweeting past, Musk has appeared to welcome criticism of the software .

Tesla driver

in A thread about success especially speaking negative feedback. California tech CEO started an ad campaign showing a car told to be moving the software crashing into a child-sized mannequin. the video quickly sparked backlash and tests by a copycat.

Tesla driver

in august Tesla of misleading drivers regarding the capabilities of the technology, the California Department of Motor Vehicles accused a series of investigations into whether Tesla’s Autopilot system was involved in several destroys.

US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed that FSD beta testers to fill out non-disclosure agreements required by tesla until last fall “People don’t seem to listen to me” because they share lots of videos showcasing the tech at At the same time, Musk joked about Tesla drivers.


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