The Beijing sensation Kamila Valieva was a shooting star.

Kamila Valieva

Source: The New York Times, Gabriela BhaskarThe single significance of Kamila Valieva grew like a murmur that turned into a thunder in the few months leading up to the Olympics in Beijing. It was the perfect Olympic tale. to the extent that it ceased to exist.She was only 15 when she competed in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Moscow, but she quickly smashed numerous world scoring records.

She executed fourfold leaps with the grace of a long-limbed ballet prodigy, as though she were jumping rope on a sidewalk. In the midst of challenging schedules, the lovely delicate shapes she created with her arms attract attention from a crowd.Who knew that Valieva was more like a cosmic bomb and ready to detonate when the Beijing Games began in February with her holding the heavy number one position?She kicked off her Winter Games career by helping Russia win the gold medal in the team figure skating competition.

She outperformed them all, achieving momentary universal acclaim and confirmation. That competition pits the top skaters and ice artists from every country against one another.She won the women’s portion of the group competition handily while skating with the poise of an experienced competitor. She was the first female to successfully do two fourfold leaps in an Olympic free skate. Additionally, from a very young age.She was praised by her much more experienced Russian colleagues, who noted that Valieva the ingenue was incredibly talented but cautioned the world to get ready as she was just starting the game.

Kamila Valieva
Kamila Valieva

They encouraged Valieva to react to queries in front of columnists on the night the Russians won the team competition. She struggled to use the earpiece she desired for the synchronous interpretation while nervously laughing. As far as she could tell, being the centre of attention with every eye and camera focused on her seemed to be terrifying but fun this time since she was off the ice.More mental strength!” She was informed by the leader of the Russian crew and ice artist Nikita Katsalapov. Going well is being OK!When asked how it felt to support the Russian team in victory while giving such amazing performance, Valieva responded, “This is a fantastic feeling.” She said that she was managing her desire to succeed

.Next, the entire world watched to see how Valieva would handle one of the biggest and most abrupt losses in Olympic history. What was probably her best day ever in the sport fell apart into heartache, accusations, and rumours in a couple of hours.She tested positive for a heart medicine that was prohibited weeks before the Games, it was revealed the day after she led the Russian team to a gold medal. Shouts regarding whether she had cheated replaced the cheers that had previously surrounded her.Because Valieva’s doping issue hasn’t been resolved,


the medal ceremony for the team event was postponed indefinitely, and the medals still haven’t been given out more than six months later.As she entered the free skate in first place, Valieva had the gold medal all to herself. But she was unable to remain calm. She looked nothing like the experienced veteran who had skated to Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro” so many times with elegance and drama while wearing her red and black outfit and pulling her hair back into a sleek bun.

She transformed from a champion skater in front of the world into a young child who was struggling to find her rhythm and appeared lost and lonely. She finished a shocking fourth in theoverallcompetition with her uncommonly mistake-filled performance, and when she came off the ice in tears, her coach, Eteri Tutberidze, did not embrace herAs seen on live television, the coach instead stated in Russian: “Why did you stop fighting? Tell me why, please.Maybe one day Valieva will reveal the solution. She might never be able to explain why her comet-like surge and fall occurred so quickly and hurt so deeply.

Though her team's
Though her team’s

Though her team’s gold medal is still in question, Valieva competed as the lead in a skating production titled “Russia is where she is an Olympic champion” in Sochi, the Russian city that served as the 2014 Olympics’ host city.She praised the audience and stated, “Without you, the fairy tale would not be a fairy tale,” following her final performance in the production earlier this month.



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