The tesla body 

The tesla body (1)


Elon musk is my name, I am the c.e.o of tesla and I am the father of one percent of the current population of Earth and a hundred percent of the future population of Mars. For nearly forty years the human body is not been substantially updated. As we know it The new Tesla Body will revolutionize, streamline, and vastly modernize the human body.

self walking I will make all bodies it sucks let’s start with walking your feet will speed simply when it encounters a hard surface, they will walk forward forever until your body stops with cushioning that will outfit all buildings and walls in urban areas. body of water will be edged with taut elastic ropes to reduce drownings in any ravine.

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In the year 2045 ready to be walked we are looking at making Scottsdale, Arizona currently. needs to turn no one. who want to turn left or right like royalty But, for those Baryshnikovs among us. there are optional sky poles there to buy your body.per pole, they will cost only a hundred and ninety-five dollars. Very boring eyes boring content most of what plays in our new tesla body, it will make sure.

All day, every day only the funniest episodes play through the eyes of Rick and Morty it’s easy as pie you want to go to sleep canceling headphones just put on your tesla noice and slide in your Tesla Blackout Sleep Contacts. At a time for more than four hours, you should not wear your contacts for cornea health .thats why we sell a convenient Tesla alarm clock .every four hours which will wake you up. you can remove your contacts for that my favorite episodes of “Rick and Morty.” and also play with an alarm clock. for the Hulu subscription that gives you access to the “Rick and Morty” episodes, It costs three thousand and ninety-five dollars, plus twelve ninety-nine.

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I love having to eat every single day like some sort of livestock or mother of my children! Stupid look at me food is so stupid on flavorless protein powder that you can deposit The Tesla Body will operate on flavorless protein powder that you can deposit once a day directly into your stomach via a tiny door. To walk exactly six miles the powder will give the body enough energy carefully If you do not budget your daily energy.

until the next morning, your body will sit down on the floor and not move. with every Body a convenient Tesla Emergency Tent is included just pull out the tent from your Tesla Bindle when your body breaks down roadside assistance button was pressed While you take a much-needed nap, Tesla’s friendly roadside helpers will arrive and put the extra powder in your tummy door standard equipment tent is.

The Roadside Assistance service is nine thousand four hundred and fifteen dollars per month. you go to jail if you don’t buy it. I listen to women I am a feminist. women talk about wanting pockets basically the only thing shrill voices you hear is loud and clear. All the way down the legs tesla body will have pockets like cargo pants that you can’t take off.

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You can keep so many important items in your skin pockets: your Tesla Emergency Tent, your Tesla Flare all of my favorite sites the map highlights like N.F.T. galleries and a bar where you can meet blond women who have just moved to America from the Eastern Bloc.No one should have a penis: I’m going to say what I’m sure you’re already thinking I have proved myself worthy a penis is a luxury and privilege Tesla Body will either have a vagina and ovaries or a convenient cup holder for your favorite South African soda, Iron Brew.

on earth, I accordingly have the only sperm I can see what my future children’s handwriting will look like the application is just a formality with our hectic modern schedules, sometimes misplace things is so easy which is why the Tesla Body will come preloaded with a trusty app that will be able to tell you where your Body is. O.K., sorry, one more thing about the sperm. that my DNA can be spread only through very old-fashioned means I have never liked the way.

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In every tesla body, therefore, embed pre-fertilized Elon embryos. Take care of your body all you have to do They’ll know what to do Then just drop your Baby Elon / Elonia off at the nearest Tesla dealership or factory. so excited to get the new Tesla Body that you are already preparing to throw your old I know you are probably a terrible human body in the trash. On the market soon the body to almost everyone will be available I am the tallest man in the world .any man shorter than me fits women sizes 0-8.


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