Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.


It turns out that Thor’s secret weapon is resistance bands, not a hammer.

Have you ever wondered how Chris Hemsworth became so fit for the part of Thor? Instead of his hammer imbued with lightning, it was a set of resistance bands. Put down your Mjölnir; Hemsworth’s personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, has disclosed the precise workout they did during filming.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

Instead of stopping for a full weights exercise to obtain a rapid pump, Zocchi said they employed resistance bands. The best resistance bands are portable and lightweight, making them perfect for taking on vacation or even on a film set.

According to Zocchi, resistance bands work by allowing you to isolate particular muscles and contract those muscles continually while they are in their full range of motion. “Resistance bands provide constant stress on the muscles during the entire action of an exercise, in contrast to dumbbells where tension may be released at various periods. If you want toning, resistance exercise will help you achieve that. Your arms, legs, or glutes can be the focus of a variety of workouts because they are such a versatile piece of equipment.

But what particularly was included in the exercise? Continue reading to find out what happened when I put Hemsworth’s resistance band workout to the test.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

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Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

What exactly does Chris Hemsworth do during his Thor resistance band workout?
a prelude

After five reps, wrap the band around your arms to help you come out of the pushups. gripping a board while on one knee. Here are some additional details on push-ups and several different variations to try.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

Bent Over Row: Place your foot over the band and, while bending over, grab it with your extended fingers. Perform five reps for each arm. Raise your arm while bicep and back squeezing.

Squat five times while picturing yourself seated in a chair by wrapping the band around your quads just above the knee. Here are some more details on how to squat with a resistance band.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

To execute five tricep curls on each arm, wrap the band over your left forearm and place your left hand on your right shoulder. Take hold of the band’s bottom with your right hand and press down to activate the tricep. Lay the band on your right forearm with your right hand on your left shoulder. Take hold of the band’s bottom with your left hand and press down to activate the tricep.

Five bicep curls should be done on each arm while knelt on the ground. Place the band under your left foot, then wrap the top of the band with your right hand. Drop to your knees. Put the band under your right foot and curl your left hand around the top of the band.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

Step back into a lunge with the band above the knees, and then alternate the legs for 5 reps on each leg.

Put a band over both of your hands, and while performing five shoulder lateral lifts on each side, place one in front of the other. Keep one hand in the middle and raise the other hand laterally to engage the shoulder muscles.

Workout (3 sets):

Pushups (10 reps)

Row inverted (10 reps each arm)

Squats (10 reps) (10 reps)

Curly trusses (10 each arm)

Table Press (10 reps each arm)

Reverse lunges (10 reps each leg)

Shoulder Raise Lateral (10 reps each side)
I tried Chris Hemsworth’s Thor resistance band workout, and this is what happened.
I tried the workout to see how it went using a long resistance band and a shorter looping band. Resistance bands, often known as rubber elastic strips, are used to provide the body with resistance while exercising. Each band has a variety of resistance levels because, as they are stretched, they provide more precise resistance. I took a heavier and a lighter band and began the warm-up.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

From the first rep, the resistance band pushed my muscles, just like using a set of dumbbells would. I could easily shorten the band to provide resistance to the bent-over rows, which increased the difficulty of the rowing. When a little band was looped above my knees during the squats and reverse lunges, my glutes were really put to the test.

I finished the three sets in around 20 minutes and felt like I had gotten a great, quick full-body exercise. The entire exercise session was brief yet efficient. Because the tension of the band may be changed to make a workout harder or easier instantly, resistance band exercises are more adaptable. No one of us is as strong as Thor, though Hemworth surely had a heavier band than I did.

Thor: Love and Thunder resistance band workout.

obtained knowledge for me? This brief exercise acted as a reminder for me to always carry resistance bands in my gym bag because they make it easy to up the difficulty of a bodyweight exercise. Want some additional inspiration for your resistance band workouts? Check out the weightless resistance band arm workouts, the resistance band squat and deadlift routines, and the beginner-friendly resistance band leg exercises.
I’ve tried to work out like Thor before; you can read about my struggles with his 800 rep barbell routine and my successes with Hemsworth’s 35-minute bodyweight regimen by clicking here.


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