Users of Apple News are receiving racist alerts as a result of the Fast Company hack.

Apple News

The homepage of the magazine was taken down on Tuesday night after a hacker gained access to Fast Company, a publication owned by Morningstar’s rich owner Joe Mansueto, and sent filthy software updates to Apple News subscriptions.

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The US-based commercial publication’s publisher, Mansueto Ventures LLC, said on Twitter that its materials surveillance system was compromised on Thursday evening and that “two obscene and racist push warnings were roughly a particular time apart” from being sent.

Apple’s content aggregation service, which chooses articles from media partners, had 125 million customers globally as of the beginning of 2020.

Apple News

It wasn’t apparent however many people began to receive the push notifications. The company has 1.8 billion active monthly users gadget subscribers as of the start of this year.

Apple News

After the incident, Apple News tweeted that it has deactivated the Fast Company channel on its network. Apple was unable to be approached right away for additional information.

Fast Company said the Tuesday hack followed a “seemingly related hack” of all its websites that happened on Sunday evening,

when similar content reappeared on the site’s home page and other sites, in a written statement to Bloomberg News. After 2 hours, the site was shuttered and then opened again.

Apple News

Fast Company issued an apology to viewers of the statement, saying it is looking into the event, and has suspended both its website and feed again until matter is rectified.

The messages are disgusting and inconsistent with the concept and content of Fast Company its said.


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