Mac has a jam-pressed record of items arranged for 2023, Bloomberg's Imprint Gurman anticipated over the weekend. 

"There's likewise the possible presence of the organization's consolidated Mac television, HomePod and FaceTime camera gadget coming at the last part of the year. 

"Gurman likewise recommended that Mac could skirt the supposed October occasion zeroed in on Macintoshes and iPads, as recently detailed by Computerized Trends. 

The 2022 MacBook Air was delivered in June and highlighted the principal complete upgrade of the series since its underlying delivery in 2008.  

The current rendition of Macintosh's strong work area runs on Intel processors and hasn't seen an update since late 2019.  

The organization delivered a HomePod Small scale in 2020, however, the bigger HomePod hasn't been revived beginning around 2018. 

While Gurman's expectations remember updates for old gadgets, he likewise hopes to see new items debut.  

There have been tales about Apple's Existence Genius headset for some time now, and apparently the augmented experience gadget could make its presentation in 2023. 

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