A budget can be created using a variety of techniques. The 80/20 budget is the approach I like.

Using the 80/20 diet, you spend 80% of your money on necessities and frivolous expenses,  

and you save the other 20%.Long-term This method enables you to prioritise saving and is simple and adaptable.

The 80/20 budget is fantastic because it really concentrates on this fundamental goal of budgeting.

Saving money is the one thing you can do with certainty to follow the 80/20 budget. 

The simplicity of the 80/20 budget is another major advantage. When you create this kind of budget

Another major advantage of an 80/20 budget is flexibility. When events don't go plan with a budget where you've set 

strict spending cap You might be losing a lot of money if you use the incorrect debit card

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