7 embarrassing moments, and 7 Iconic Moments from 2022's BET Award

The BET Awards were held last night and WOW did they give us an amazing entertainment. 

They brought us unexpected surprise moments, embarrassing audio glitches, embarrassing moments and more.

These are wonderful moments, and some awkward onestoo.

The Superb version includes Latto who brings out Mariah Carey on the cover in "Big Energy"

The shocking: Ray J was seen eating ramen in an audience. only a few days after his less-than-great popular  

"One Wish" performance: Amazing: Lil' Kim was on stage and danced her signature dance

Unfortunate: Giveon was unable to grasp, um, a few notes, and then appeared to blame the microphone.

Amazing: Jazmine Sullivan spoke directly to men, telling them that it's "not just a woman's issue" and that men 

should be capable of "stand up for us" in the wake of the ruling which Roe Wade was v. Wade was overturned: 6.