8 brands of chocolate with the lowest quality ingredients 8 brands of chocolate with the lowest quality ingredients Did you know that in America, as in many other places

"chocolate" is actually a regulated term? It is more than just the taste of the food, but rather the details of its composition.

 According to FDA rules - and many other rules - the diet must adhere to strict ethics in order to be called chocolate, although it varies according to the type of chocolate.

According to Registrar Corp. According to FDA rules, milk chocolate must "contain at least 10 percent chocolate liqueur, at least 3.39 percent milk fat and at least 12 percent solid milk

 White chocolate 'must contain at least 20 percent cocoa butter, at least 14 percent total solid milk, at least 3.5 percent milk fat [and] must not contain more than 55 percent nutritious carbohydrate sugar.

"In order to be considered dark chocolate, the only source of chocolate flavor," there must be an ingredient that follows one of the birthmarks for cocoa products

When applying the rules, many chocolate brands will use words like "chocolate" or "chocolate flavor" to use cheaper alternatives. 

. The point is: even within technical legal limits, companies can still produce cheap chocolate.