A 1985 description of how Priscilla Presley and Elvis began her relationship is hard to forget

Rock and roll is no more peculiar to hazier themes: for what other reason would the expression be "Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll?" 

However, with any type of hotshot, there are great eggs, and not-great eggs — and tragically, rock and roll is the same 

Assuming you know rock, you know Elvis Presley. Also, on the off chance that you know Elvis, you are aware of his famous spouse Priscilla Presley.  

In any case, many's thought process was a fantasy wedding that embodied the 1960s was a lot hazier than even the greatest fans might have understood.  

Indeed, even the people who as of now nonchalantly realize that Priscilla was very youthful when she met Elvis — 14 years of age to Elvis' 24 years of age — the subtleties of their romance may not be front-of-mind. 

The particular story of how the King of Rock and Roll met and charmed his main spouse might be difficult for certain fans to stomach.

Priscilla and Elvis met back in 1959. As an Air Force whelp, she was continually moving near