12 0CTOBER 2022 

To make jeans 2 sizes larger, a woman uses a shower hack


A TikToker's video went popular for promoting a money-saving tip to make even the tightest pants more comfortable.

Thanks to this TikTok hack, you could never experience too-tight jeans again. A brilliant remedy for your too-snug jeans that involves jumping in the shower fully dressed has gone popular online.

With the title "NOW THEY'RE SITTING JEANS! ", TikToker @its Abby Abigail's video showcasing the method received 6.6 million views.

She first entered the shower, and using a detachable shower head, she soaked her denim in warm water while performing some stretches and squats to help her wet trousers loosen up.

She stated in the comments that she only wore the wet pants for a short while before letting them air dry, which took two days.

When we get to the finished product, she is wearing totally dried denim that has been stretched out to suit her precisely and yet has some extra room for her to tuck her sweater  

in. Some viewers stated in the comments that they personally attempted the hack and it "worked," while others asserted that they wouldn't dare due to the "discomfort" of wearing drenched pants. 

"I had trouble buttoning them. When someone questioned if the hack actually won, Abby responded, "I sat in them all day at work after this.

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