In his opinion, Kevin Durant's career has failed despite his success as a Nets star. 

 At the point when one glances at Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant's vocation, one will see two titles, two finals MVP grants, and a normal season MVP grant. 

In general, on paper, he has had an astounding vocation and is without a doubt going to the Hall of Fame when he chooses to hang up his shoes. 

Be that as it may, some view Durant's vocation as a piece in an unexpected way. Current Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said Durant was a disappointment for not coming out on top for a title while being "the person". 

 His two titles with the Golden State Warriors are not seen as equivalent to he was playing with any semblance of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson out in The Bay Area. 

 One more Hall of Famer, enormous man Shaquille O'Neal, concurred that Durant isn't seen as an outcome in that frame of mind of the more established players because of how he approached bringing home his titles. 

Durant and the Nets will have everyone's eyes on them as they head into the 2022-23 season after a wild summer where the star mentioned an exchange in June, yet nothing at any point emerged. 

Brooklyn will have exclusive requirements of bringing home a championship in this impending season 

so this will be one more opportunity for Durant to discredit O'Neal and Barkley on the floor.