'A League of Their Own' Screenwriter Says Studio Scrapped Prequel Because 'The Girls' Weren't in It

Devotees of "A League of Their Own" have another Amazon Prime Video series to anticipate,

however on the off chance that things had gone somewhat in an unexpected way, there might have been a second film too.

In another meeting with The Hollywood Reporter to honor the film's 30th commemoration,

the film's screenwriter Lowell Ganz talked about plans for a prequel that were made directly following the underlying movie's prosperity.

While it never appeared, the subsequent film would have zeroed in on the baseball profession of Tom Hanks' personality Jimmy Dugan.

"We really needed to do a prequel continuation — we needed to do a film about Jimmy," Ganz said.

It planned to discuss his profession before he engaged with the ladies' baseball association,

And afterward it would kind of skirt that, and the final venture would have been his vocation a short time later,

where he found a new line of work dealing with a men's ball club and really helped

out for a more seasoned Black player that he had met in the prequel part, to offer him one final chance.