A leaked DLC for Hogwarts reveals Harry Potter fans can play it early

DLC for Hogwarts Legacy - - the 2022-bound Harry Potter game - - has spilled on the ball discharge, yet it's not all that succulent or intriguing. Nonetheless, it uncovers that there will be early admittance to the game. 

The actual hole comes the method of Reddit and civility of a some exceptionally fascinating client documents while digging through the code of the game's true site.  

Secret inside the documents of the site are the accompanying strings: Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack, Dark Arts Battle Arena, Dark Arts Garrison Hat, Steel Case, Floating Ancient Magic Wand With Box, Kelpie Robe, and 72 Hours Early Access to the game. 

As may be obvious, a portion of this has all the earmarks of being DLC, while different pieces affirm a gatherer's release of kinds of some sort or another. 

The Reddit client adds there are a few separate references of "Computerized Only" and "Advanced Deluxe Only." 

These are probably connected with the goodies above, yet it's indistinct the way in which everything splits between the two.

Hogwarts Legacy actually doesn't have a delivery date, and everything being equal, we've heard the game is a long way from a 2022 lock.