A top-notch mouse for 2022 

A comparison of the top 10 computer mice for 2022.The best mouse for gaming, productivity, and creative workflows 

Everyone who uses a computer needs the best mouse. No matter if you're a creative professional. 

As a business owner, a student, an avid gamer, or a casual PC user, you need a premium mouse that prioritizes performance and ergonomics. 

A top-notch mouse will perform with a fluid, quick, and accurate response that you won't experience from inferior mice. 

whether it's one of the greatest gaming mice or something that's perfect for production work. 

That's particularly true when used with the best mouse pads. However, they'll also keep you from suffering long-term pain and harm. 

when you work on spreadsheets, generate content, or play games for hours at a time. We've tested a lot of mice at TechRadar, evaluating each one's functionality.

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