According to former commentator Mike Wolfe, American Pickers' Frank Fritz was hospitalised after suffering a stroke.

"Frank I sincerely hope you get through this without incident. My dear friend, "Mike Wolfe authored According to Mike Wolfe

Frank Fritz's American Pickers co-host, he had a stroke and is currently receiving treatment.

With a picture of Fritz, 56, grinning, Wolfe, 58, said on Instagram: "In the last year, I have kept a very low profile when it comes to Frank's life and his struggle.  

There have been many comments about my friendship with Frank and the show, but this is not the time to correct them. For my friend, now is the time to pray."

"Frank is in the hospital after having a stroke. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers "He went on. 

Wolfe concluded with a heartfelt note for Fritz "Frank I sincerely hope you get through this without incident. I cherish you, friend."

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The two previously participated in the reality series American Pickers on The History Channel, which began in 2010.