According to Pete Davidson, the relationship between Kim Kardashian and him is "a hundred percent" his intent

It's simply a matter of time before Pete Davidson marries.

During Thursday's episode of "Hart to Heart," the "Saturday night time stay" alum expressed a desire to get married one day.

Kevin Hart was informed by Davidson. Kevin Hart told Davidson, "That's how I'm hoping it'll go.".

The 28-month-old comedian is also passionate about being a "family guy" 

and featuring kids because of the tragic death of his firefighter father on 9/11.

"I would like to have a child, something I haven't achieved yet," Hart, 43, said. 

The only thing I want is to be there to watch them succeed where I failed. In line with Davidson

"I am simply so excited for that bankruptcy, and I am preparing for it now."

I am just looking to enhance and increase so that when that happens, it will be easier.."