Actress Kayce Dutton says, "There's no relief 


By ramya

october 17,2022

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Yellowstone Star of Kayce Dutton discusses vision breakdown 

Luke Grimes, a star of Yellowstone, spoke candidly about season five. 

He described possible consequences of his character's vision quest. 

Going through the process would be a fantastic payback for a performer, he told The Hollywood Reporter. 

The season five premiere is in November, and the trailer hinted that things for the Dutton family would take a serious turn. 

Following a string of horrific occurrences, Kayce chose to relocate his family from the ranch and live on the reservation. 

Despite this, the actor warned that they would have to go back since John Dutton (Kevin Costner. 

Being the new governor of Montana could put them in danger.    

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