After Aaron Rodgers' breakup, Shailene Woodley posts about healing her 'heart and mind'

Shailene Woodley wrote on her Instagram account Thursday that June was a big month for her "head and heart.".

” In April, it was reported that she and NFL star Aaron Rodgers had ended their engagement after more than a year together.

As a caption to a softly smiling selfie, Woodley wrote, "to the month of june : letting macro world events go for a minute 

on a micro level, you nurtured this woman's head and heart"

As she continued, "you gave me oxygen in the form of friends, babies, trees, magic, DANCING, animals, salt, sun, deep conversations,  

six packs from laughing, availability in the form of tears, hallway tag, goofiness, spontaneity, pita bread (so much pita! ), hellos and goodbyes.

The wise italian in new york told me this month would be the best month ever, and he was not wrong."

She then tagged Dante Sabatino, who does tarot readings and other psychic readings.