Will Smith defends himself against Chris Rock's slap after Kevin Hart defends him. 

By Asha

September 27,2022

Kevin Hart talked with regards to Will Smith as a visitor on the Revolt webcast Drink Winners facilitated by N.O.R.E. what's more, DJ EFN. 

During a portion of the web show called "Quicktime With Ooze," visitors should pick either two celebrities or, make an effort of liquor. N.O.R.E.  

cut in and proclaimed Smith "Gangsta" for slapping Rock during the 2022 Foundation Awards."Those are your words, not mine," Hart proceeded. 

"I'm not going to sh*t on Will and carry on like he wasn't that guy."Watch Kevin Hart on Drink Winners above and investigate the three comedic stars and a genuine goat beneath.  

During the Madison Square Nursery show, the pair was joined by Dave Chappelle who opened the occasion with a 20-minute set. 

In July, he joined Rock for Rock Hart: Just Main events Permitted, a five-day visit across New York and New Jersey. 

Hart has shared professional minutes and public presentations of appreciation for both Smith and Rock. 

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